Sharing Internet Love: Links

I haven’t done a post like this in aaaaages so I have a HUGE amount of links saved up! So this first one will have a lot of November links (sorrynotsorry). The weather is still pretty similar so things are still relevant okay?

The black stuff in this picture is the half jar of peppercorns that accidentally fell into my chili. Eating peppercorn for days. 😦


Newsy type links:

Finally! Detox is not a thing people, it’s not real, there’s no basis in science for it so can we stop talking about it and being scammed by it please?

Charts for people obsessed with Serial. This made me lol hard.

How women in prison use sharpies & jolly ranchers to make make-up. Fascinating. (FYI fellow Europeans: markers and sweets 😉 )

Trouble brewing in the crazy world of fruitarianism.

This is a  bit old but it’s new to me – Pantene ad in the Philippines which exposes female stereotypes:


36 different cardio workouts for the gym handily sorted by machine.


The origin of ‘slutty brownies’: Yeah seems like the Londoner is stealing recipes, yo.

This sausage potato pie looks delish.

These raw almond butter & chia jam bars with chocolate look AMAZING. Not even just by healthy food standards, just generally.

Sweet potato chicken casserole = more winter comfort food noms.

This almond butter banana pudding would make a super easy paleo dessert – no baking involved! (Lazy tip: You don’t really need to whip the coconut cream, it turns out just fine if you whisk it with a fork.)

Raw vegan eggnog, i.e. perfect for Europeans who are curious as to what eggnog is like but don’t want to drink egg (gross).

Let’s end on a sooooooooong. This is class:


Hope February is just febulous for you all. Heh. x


Chicken Marinara: Hot and Fiery Edition.

NOTE: This is the deleted post! I figured out that it somehow made it onto Tumblr despite disappearing from the blog, so fingers crossed it stays on the blog now!

I have so many recipes saved up to post but I somehow never get around to it!

Finally I’ve taken the time to note this one down. It’s a great winter warmer that’s hot and spicy enough to keep your January healthy-eating interesting!


Paleo and Whole 30 compliant if this sriracha used (don’t add garlic/onion if low FODMAP).


  • 400 g diced chicken;
  • 250 ml passata;
  • Cup water;
  • Handful basil;
  • 2 tsp sriracha;
  • 1 tsp chili flakes (add more if you like it hot);
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika;
  • Salt & pepper;
  • 1 tbsp olive oil.
  1. Get your olive oil on the pan and when it’s moderately hot add your chicken in there.
  2. Once your chicken is looking golden brown on all sides, add the basil, chili flakes, smoked paprika and salt and (plenty of) pepper and stir it all up well. Add some more oil to the pan if you need to.
  3. At this point, add the passata, water and sriracha to the pan.
  4. Turn the heat up so that everything is bubbling nicely. Then turn the heat down low.
  5. Simmer for about 20 minutes or so. If your pan has a lid it’s a great idea to put it on top. Personally I just use a large plate.
  6. It’s done! Taste it and add more chili, salt or pepper if you think it needs it.
  7. Serve with whatever you’d like – personally I’d go with serving it over a bed of spinach with roasted vegetables on the side. But if you’re not Whole30/Paleo, it would be great with some fluffy rice!
  8. Enjoy 🙂


Week 3 of my Whole 30!

Here’s how the third week of my Whole 30 went! This week was a struggle – not in terms of cravings, but just because I had such bad digestive issues. I’m not sure what the cause was; I know it takes a while for your body to adjust to a new way of eating so it may have just been that. I was also under a lot of stress with deadlines for college – as IBS is strongly linked to stress (and I know it is for me), it may have been that either. That’s the worst thing about IBS, you really just can’t pin point it down to one thing!

The spinach is hiding!

Day 15:

B – Courgette soup with my last two turkey burger bites.

L – Chili with spinach and tomato.

D – Courgette soup with pulled pork.

  • Very sad that all the courgette soup is gone – the recipe only made 2ish servings, despite saying 4-6? Devo.  :(
  • My tummy is still upset today – I think it might be stress related?
  • Making carrot soup to have for the rest of the week tonight! #thecookingneverends
I ❤ soup for breakfast.

Day 16:

B – Carrot soup with pulled pork and a spoon of homemade barbecue sauce.

L – Chicken breast with a spoon of barbecue sauce with kale, tomato,baby potatoes and grilled bell pepper.

Afternoon – Banana.

D – Chili with sautéed kale and courgette.

  • My tummy is still so upset. :( I’m still going to power through in the hope that things iron themselves out over the next two weeks.
  • Loving soup for breakfast these days, it’s just as warming as my porridge used to be :)
  • I grabbed a banana after lunch to eat in the afternoon as I knew I wouldn’t be home until late – it was a great idea and it meant that I wasn’t really starving for dinner during the evening.
  • Can’t believe I’m more than halfway through!
Wasn’t a huge fan of the barbecue sauce – too strong of a pineapple flavour for me!

Day 17:

B – Carrot soup with pulled pork and a spoon of homemade barbecue sauce.

L – Chicken breast with a spoon of barbecue sauce with kale, tomato,baby potato, courgette and grilled bell pepper.

D – Chili with spinach.

  • Things still haven’t been looking up in the TMI front :(
  • Today I was working on an assignment so got delayed and couldn’t eat dinner until 8pm – although I was hungry my lunch fueled me through!
Afghan food is delish, but let’s be honest, it looks pretty gross.

Day 18:

B -Carrot soup with pulled pork and a spoonful of homemade barbecue sauce.

L – Chicken breast with a spoonful of barbecue sauce with kale, tomato,spinach, two teeny pieces of sweet potato, and cucumber.

D – Cooked a big compliant meal with the boyfriend, who had rice on the side ;) A ratatouille type dish with aubergine, courgette and tomato sauce, crispy chicken thigh and some lamb & spinach stew. So yum!

  • TMI issues have improved a little today.
  • Made more soup for tomorrow! It has turnip, kale, carrot and spices – sounds like a weird combo but it’s really good!
Soup and pulled pork is such a great combo!

Day 19:

B – Root veg soup with pulled pork & barbecue sauce.

L – Leftovers from dinner.

D – Leftovers from the week – chicken thigh, chilli, some of the aubergine dish & spinach. Also cooked some roast potatoes after.

  • The boyfriend ordered a big Domino’s so I made some roast potatoes to have instead :) If you’re tempted or miss Domino’s, all you need to do is look at their ingredients’ list – everything has a ludicrous amount of ingredients, it’s crazy! And the wedges are coated in wheat flour – insane.

Day 20:

B – Root veg soup with pulled pork & barbecue sauce.

Mid-morning – Leftover roast potatoes.

L – Some of the ratatouille dish, spinach, the last of the pulled pork.

Before dinner – grapes and two slices of serrano ham (compliant).

D – Kind-of-sloppy-joe type mince with spinach and tomato.

  • The roast potatoes were eaten in a bingey type way :( I don’t feel so bad as at least it was compliant food, but I’d really hoped to have turned a corner on the emotional eating thing.
  • Totally TMI here, just want to be thorough for my own purposes. I had really bad cramps this evening and I’m still having TMI issues, and I had a small amount of bleeding although I’m two weeks away from my period. Kind of concerned about the latter so I’m going to go to the doctor either tomorrow or Monday.  :wacko:
As I write this post I actually feel sad that this is all gone.

Day 21:

B – Green veg soup with chili.

L – Homemade fish pie – SO GOOD – with tomato.

D – A chili-lime chicken thigh, some pina colada chicken and some spinach and tomato.

  • Sundays are meal prep! I have so much food for the week ahead right now – meatballs, chicken curry, pina colada chicken, roasted carrots, fish pie and some sloppy-joe-style-mince (that I defrosted yesterday for dinner before cooking all the other things!). Probably I’ll freeze some of it, it’s just hard to decide what to freeze as it’s all so delicious  ;)
Meal prep donezo!

So that’s how week 3 went! On this side of the week things (digestion-wise) are lots better so I’m glad I’ve stuck with it so far 🙂 Can’t believe I’m going into the last week now!

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WTF WordPress?!? And Meal Prepping.


So this is what I was supposed to be posting today. But WordPress somehow deleted my post?!? Wtf.

Unfortunately the only place I wrote the recipe was in the draft blog post, so I guess we’ll never know just what made it so good. It was definitely a combination of sriracha, tomato passata and spices if you want to give it a shot – I’m too disheartened myself 😦

I thought I’d do a post anyway with some pictures of my meal prep from the weekend. On my Whole 30 I’ve been finding it so much easier when I have lots of food prepped for the week in my fridge, and it gives me more time during the week to study and, like, talk to people I suppose.

My counter all full of yum.

I always prep more than I need, and then freeze any leftovers towards the middle of the week when I can tell I’m not going to get through it all 😉

I also use lots of different recipes to ensure I don’t get bored of eating the same thing all week!

Carrots roasted in balsamic vinegar & olive oil. Yes.

This week I bought:

  • Beef mince.
  • Chicken fillets.
  • Coconut milk.
  • Tomato passata.
  • Carrots (two bags!).
  • Parsnips.
  • Fresh spinach.
  • Fresh plum tomatoes.
  • Courgettes.
  • Aubergine.

And I already had:

  • Leftover uncooked chicken thighs.
  • Potatoes.
  • Chili.
  • Limes.
  • Dried herbs & spices.
  • Tinned pineapple (in juices only!).
  • Frozen spinach.
Chili Lime Chicken Thighs. Go make them. Like, right now.

So this week I prepped:

  • Nom Nom Paleo’s Chili Lime Chicken Thighs. (Ya I know the recipe is chicken legs but all I had was thighs, k? Also I changed it to be low-fodmap and left out coconut aminos because they’re impossible to buy in Ireland unless you pay like €20 for a tiny bottle to be shipped from elsewhere. They can’t be that good.)
  • Tunisian Meatballs (I left out any non-Whole 30 and high fodmap ingredients. Still good.).
  • Mini burgers with the leftover mince.
  • Pina Colada chicken.
  • A tomatey-coconutty chicken curry with the rest of the chicken.
  • Roasted carrots.
  • Whole 30 Fish Pie (didn’t follow a recipe here – will share soon!).
  • Spiced Carrot Soup (didn’t follow a recipe but also didn’t really note quantities – will try and do so and share some other time as it’s really delicious!).
  • I also defrosted some chili for dinner on Sunday as I was starving and hadn’t started cooking any of the above yet! It’s been a great soup topping in the morning 🙂
Look at me feeling all organised and blogger-like.

It’s going to be a delicious week!

Daz meh.

Week 2 Whole 30!

Here’s how things went this week. Warning: TMI content ahead :/

That’s coconut butter on the veg, nom!

Day 8:

B – Courgette frittata (it’s finally finished!) with four meatballs and a tomato.

L – Roast chicken with roasted carrots, turnip, tomato and homemade sriracha.

D – Chili with salad and sautéed aubergine.

  • I spent most of the day in the library, so this way of eating was great – it fuelled me up for hours and I didn’t have to worry about annoying my neighbours by eating snacks ;)

Day 9:

B – Egg, spinach & coconut ‘pancakes’ with homemade sriracha.

L – Leftover roast chicken with salad and roast carrots and turnip.

D – Leftover chili with sautéed aubergine, tomato and spinach.

  • Totes TMI but things are moving really slow right now – not sure what to do about this  :(
  • I sautéed the aubergine with a little fish sauce and it was truly amazing!
Chili is my fave food to have prepped for the week – it’s still just as good every time it’s reheated!

Day 10:

B – Egg & spinach ‘pancakes’ with two leftover meatballs and some tomato.

L – Leftover roast chicken with aubergine and carrots and turnip and tomato.

D – Roast beef with potatoes and salad.

  • Still no movement, not feeling so good.  :unsure:
  • Can’t wait to not have chicken for lunch tomorrow, getting a bit tired of it at this stage!
  • Survived a trip to the cinema with no snacks or drinks while my boyfriend munched away on popcorn and slurped Coke beside me! So proud  :)

Day 11:

B – Two egg & spinach ‘pancakes’ with leftover meatballs and tomato.

L – Leftover chili with sautéed spinach and tomato.

D – Homemade chicken ‘shawarma’ (i.e. followed a recipe leaving out everything non-compliant and high FODMAP) with spinach salad, ‘zhoug’ and cucumber and tomato salsa. DELICIOUS!

  • Digestive system still not the best  :(
  • I have noticed that my cravings are almost gone though, exciting!
This was the start of the kilo bag of carrots I ate in two days. #noregrets

Day 12:

B – Two fried eggs with leftover chili and a tomato.

L – Leftovers from dinner and a banana.

D – Sea bass sautéed with red pepper and spinach, served with coconut lime sauce I made myself and puréed carrots. I also had a bit of smoked salmon with it. Had an orange as well #itsfriday

  • Really proud today – I went to the supermarket and reeeally wanted to treat myself. So I did. With smoked salmon and coloured pens :D  I didn’t even think about buying sweets at all – crazy.
Leftover shwarma chicken, so good!

Day 13:

B – Fried egg with smoked salmon, sautéed spinach and tomato.

L – Leftover sea bass with red pepper and spinach and coconut lime sauce, and puréed carrots.

D – The rest of the sea bass.

After dinner – Dinner was quite small so I’m not too stressed about this. Ate some of the food I was prepping for the next day – mini turkey burgers and roasted carrots. Also a tablespoon or two of coconut butter.

  • I puréed about 6 carrots today and it’s all gone. I could eat that stuff forever.
  • Trying to make sure I eat more fish and today was very successful in that regard!
  • TMI but things are still real slow… Hoping this stage passes soon!
Do the sparkles make this look like it’s a pretty breakfast?

Day 14:

B – Baby potatoes (with coconut oil), smoked salmon, two mini turkey burgers (they’re tiny, like only a teeny bit bigger than a tablespoon), roast carrots and homemade mayonnaise.

L – Lunch was pretty soon after – I just had some more baby potatoes, two more mini turkey burgers and some tomato. Had a tablespoon or two of coconut butter again.

D – This was AMAZING. I found some reduced fresh salmon in the supermarket, so I sautéed that and served it with coconut curry sauce, roast carrots and sautéed kale.

After dinner – Again just had bits of the food I was prepping for the week as dinner was quite early – courgette soup (I love Melissa Joulwan :wub: ), pulled pork, chicken (again made to Melissa’s best chicken ever recipe – the brining makes such a big difference!) and chili (Civilised Caveman’s recipe – it’s a bit meh, much preferred Melissa’s chocolate chili recipe!).

  • I’ve decided to quite coconut butter for the remainder of my Whole30. I was treating it too much like dessert and I think it’s been irritating my tummy (although coconut is fine on a low-FODMAP diet, too much (like half a cup) can contain an excessive amount of polyols. Boo.  :(
  • TMI news: Things are moving a bit better today and I’m feeling less bloated! Hurray  :D
  • I spent hours cooking today – lucky I love to cook as Whole30 is so labour intensive! I realise that I could do it in an easier way, and just cook plain foods without recipes but I don’t think I could stand the boredom unfortunately  :rolleyes:
Meal prep time!

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First Week of Whole 30!

I explained my goals back here. Here’s the diary of my first week!

Day 1:

B – Courgette frittata and two smoked streaky rashers.

L – Two mustard-baked chicken thighs with roasted butternut squash.

D – Steak with sautéed bell pepper and scallion, and mashed carrots & butternut squash.

  • Today has been fine so far, though I would have loved something sweet after dinner.
  • I got the usual ‘what are you eating?!’ at lunch, but I’m used to that. ;)  Hopefully tomorrow will be better as leftover steak with red pepper & butternut squash will look a bit prettier and more colourful than today’s orange/brown gross looking lunch <_<
  • I got super hungry maybe an hour or two after lunch and I could just not shake it off. I shouldn’t have been as hungry as I was so soon after – still not sure of the exact cause although I suppose I may have needed more fats in my lunch? Tomorrow’s lunch is bigger so hopefully there won’t be a repeat!
Breakfast! (Ick)

Day 2:

B – A piece of courgette frittata and a leftover chicken thigh from yesterday.

L – Leftover steak with sautéed bell pepper and scallion with roasted butternut squash and spinach.

D – Two small pieces of cod baked with olive oil, chili and lemon with mashed carrots and butternut squash.

After dinner (eep) – Some roasted sweet potato and a little cold chicken.

  • Today was like super tough. I felt so hungry between meals despite having loads of fats and protein. I couldn’t figure it out at all until I realised that my period is due in the next day or so. I was like, oh. So that’s why I had some sweet potato and chicken tonight after dinner – I just felt so hungry and I know I need the extra energy this time of the month.
  • Also I found it incredibly hard to eat the chicken thigh this morning. I just found it so gross eating something so fatty at that hour of the morning?! Is this something I’ll adjust to? Time will tell.
  • Totally moving away from the plan in Practical Paleo already! Her recipes are just so bland and unexciting to me. :unsure:  Like when I made the frittata I added way more herbs and seasoning than was suggested as I knew it would need it. Today I just added the chili to my cod, but tomorrow I think I’m supposed to be eating turkey with sage. I’m not going to last if I’m just eating plain meat with a bitta herbs! So it’s gonna be a turkey curry. Sorrynotsorry.
Blurry cod dinner.

Day 3:

B – Roast sweet potato and a chicken thigh.

L – Leftover cod and puréed carrot & butternut squash and spinach.

D – Turkey curry with tomato on the side.

  • Today I was much less hungry than on the previous days! I’m not sure if that’s partly because of nausea due to my period though. Lolz.
  • Today was definitely the easiest day yet, totally getting into the swing of things  :D
  • Very excited that I managed to find fish sauce with no sugar/other additives in Tesco of all places! I had to get down on my knees and rummage down the back of a shelf to find it, but it’ll totally be worth the embarrassment to make Nom Nom Paleo’s sriracha to brighten up my meals!
  • My curry was so satisfying this evening – definitely such a good call to ignore the recipes given as I need lots of spice in my life! I’m just going to follow the meal plan in terms of which protein to eat at each meal from here on out!

Onwards and upwards  :wub:

This curry was SO GOOD.

Day 4:

B – Courgette frittata with two smoked rashers and a few cubes of sweet potato.

L – Leftover turkey curry with tomato & iceberg lettuce (dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil) and butternut squash.

D – Beef stir-fry with pepper, scallions and tomato, with mashed carrot & butternut squash on the side.

  • Today was the first day where I felt a bit off – in the afternoon I found it hard to focus and I felt real light-headed. Not sure if this is a carb-flu type thing or period-related though, lol.
  • Really excited – I made a low FODMAP version of Nom Nom Paleo’s Whole30 sriracha and it is SO GOOD! I threw it into the stir-fry and it was unreal. I’ll post the recipe on the blog at some stage.
  • This week has flown by so quickly, and I’ve found it all really easy! I think the hardest challenges are yet to come – going back home for the weekend which will be a lot tougher! And I have to go out for dinner next Thursday. Not sure where we’ll be going, but I’ll be scrutinising the menu for sure beforehand…  :(
  • I think Ireland contains zero coconut aminos. I’ve been to so many shops but no sign. I was devastated but now that I have this sriracha in my life I think I’ll be just fine ;)
Beef stir fry leftovers = great lunch!

Day 5:

B – Courgette frittata, two rashers and some butternut squash.

L – Leftover beef stir fry with my sriracha, spinach and tomato.

D – Leftover turkey curry with sweet potato.

Later – Chicken leg.

  • Really proud of how I handled today. Went for lunch with friends at 12 but there was nothing compliant to order and I had my lunch in my bag, so I just ordered a jasmine tea and waited until later in the afternoon to have my lunch! Luckily I’d had a late breakfast at 9.30 so I wasn’t hungry anyway  ;)
  • In the evening I had to get a bus at 6.40 and I wouldn’t be home until 9 – dilemma! So I packed up my dinner and ate it on the bus. It smelled but I waited until I had a seat by myself to eat it. Lol.
  • I went to a friend’s house in the evening and got home after midnight. I was quite hungry when I came in so I ate a small chicken leg. I know it goes against the three meals a day thing, but I didn’t want to go to be with hunger pangs.
  • At night I had a bit of digestive discomfort – not sure if it’s been caused by something I ate (maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the chicken so late?) or if I’m just getting the ‘tight jeans’ thing early. We’ll see!
So hot but so good.

Day 6:

B – 2 fried eggs, mixed greens & tomato, chicken, a slice of honeydew melon.

L – Bacon (not rashers, like roast bacon; we just call that bacon here), mixed greens & tomato, a medium sized potato.

D – Starters: Prawns. Main course: Roast lamb shank, potatoes, chips.

  • I’m so full of mixed emotions right now – today I’ve had some FODMAP fails but I also successfully navigated dinner in a restaurant!
  • I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of my digestive distress the last two days – the sweet potato I’ve been eating! I’ve been eating it in the same way as butternut squash as I thought that sweet potatoes were compliant. Turns out they are, but only a 1/2 cup serving.  :( So I’m going to have to majorly watch my portions on them and when mine are gone I’m just going to replace them with normal potatoes. Sad.
  • I totally didn’t think and forgot that the bacon I ate was roasted in honey (by my lovely well-meaning Dad)!  :o I could have cried. As a result my digestive distress has only increased today – it’s so upsetting as I’d been doing so well!
  • I know I should start over, but I just don’t have time as I have to go to a college ball in early February – it’s a last hurrah type thing so I’m definitely going to be drinking at it. My plan at the minute is to proceed as normal, and then do another low-FODMAP Whole30 in March. I can still reintroduce other foods in February, like dairy, grains, avocado, onions, etc. that I have managed to avoid! And at least the sweet potatoes were Whole30 compliant, and although the honey wasn’t compliant I was still eating in the spirit of Whole30 when I ate it (whole, home-cooked foods, three meals a day, no dessert, etc.) so I don’t think it’s such a big deal.
  • BUT on the happy side of things, I went out for dinner this evening and it went so well! I handled it by letting the waitress know I couldn’t eat dairy, and they were so good. The prawns I had for a starter are usually cooked in butter, but they cooked them in oil for me. I ignored the side salad and salsa as I couldn’t be sure that the dressing and salsa didn’t have garlic in them – shame though as they looked lovely! Then for my main I had lamb shank (amazing), and the chef was again amazing – leaving off the mash and giving me side dishes without butter – my own sugar snap peas without butter (everyone else had a separate dish with buttered ones), baby potatoes with olive oil, and chips. Obviously the chips aren’t ideal for a Whole30 – but they’re just potatoes cooked in oil so I don’t feel bad. Unfortunately after a secret hasty ‘sugar snap peas fodmaps’ google search on my phone at the dinner table I found them to be high in FODMAPs so I couldn’t eat them at all! I didn’t even want dessert after such a great meal – my cravings are gone really – so I sipped my tea contentedly. So much love for that restaurant now!  :wub:
Runny yolks are so dreamy.

Day 7:

B – Fried potato with mixed greens, tomatoes, olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

L – Courgette frittata with mashed butternut squash and carrots & tomato & two rashers.

D – Leftover beef stir fry with roasted carrots and turnip, and little tastes of everything I made below!

  • Today was fine, though my tummy still hasn’t settled.
  • I did lots of food prep in the evening which was great! I roasted a chicken (with lemon and rosemary), made Melissa Joulwain’s chocolate chili (OMG I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten ever) and made her Czech meatballs (not a big fan, but I subbed cumin for carraway; maybe that’s why), and her Kickass Ketchup. So good.
  • I also made her olive oil mayonnaise but I didn’t have light olive oil so I just used extra virgin. Big mistake – there’s such a weird after taste, although the texture is great! Do not recommend!
Homemade sriracha is the best thing that’s every happened to me. For realz.

So all in all things are going pretty well!

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Why I Haven’t Made a New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year everyone!

Pretty sad that Christmas is over, but hey – it has to end some time so we can start looking forward to next Christmas!

So, this year, amidst the blogging spectrum of resolutions, I’ve decided not to make any.


I began my disenchantment with new year’s resolution last year, realising that by February my wishes for the year were all but forgotten. That’s why last year’s resolution was to love myself more. It was short, concise, easy to remember and it was a concept I turned to whenever I felt low or unsure of myself all year. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you just accept and love yourself! (So cringe though, soz.)

My plan for 2015 is to continue 2014’s ‘resolution’, and to have monthly goals. I was totally inspired by Sam (check out her amaze blog!) who sets goals on her blog at the start of every month! I’m going to do the same – I really thrive off of short-term goals (when I’m being productive I have to-do lists coming out of my eyes!) and I think it will make my 2015 my most successful year ever. 😀

CAM01044 (2)

Here are my January goals:

  • Complete my Low-FODMAP Whole30.
  • Get up in the morning when my first alarm goes off (the snooze button is probably one of the worst habits of mine).
  • Start oil pulling every morning. (Obvs while not neglecting my normal dental routine!)
  • Put in at least 2-3 hours of college work per day. Those exams are getting close!

How do you feel about new year’s resolutions – did you make any this year? 

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