10 Chocolate Desserts You Won’t Believe Are Healthy…



1. This raw chocolate pudding looks so impressive! Pomegranate seeds are instant prettiness for any dessert.

2. This banana chocolate pudding looks equally yum!

Chocolate cake:

3. This sticky chocolate fudge cake actually looks more delicious than its less healthy counterparts!

4. This grain and dairy free chocolate cake looks so decadent! Dat ganache frosting.


5. How super cute would it be to share a skillet brownie together for Valentine’s? 

6. Let’s not forget about my banana coconut brownies, posted earlier this week!


7. These salted caramel truffles look delicious – and I love the heart shapes!

8. Or you could make a lil variety of treats to go with your post-dinner coffee.


9. I’ve never seen anything like this Salted Date Caramel Cashew Tart with Mocha Graham Crust before – it looks incredible! 

10. What I would give for this chocolate pie right now...

Happy Valentine’s day! ❤

What are you cooking this weekend? (Not necessarily Valentine’s or chocolate related!)


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