TOL: Christmas Socks, Irish Slang & Delish Food


1. Post-Whole30 Shop

While I’m so glad I did the Whole 30, I also thoroughly enjoyed my first trip grocery shopping after! You can see peanut butter, tamari soy sauce, gluten free yeast, risotto rice, orange-flavoured Swiss-toblerone style bar (AMAZING), Irish mature cheddar and rice noodles all above! The above is pretty low-FODMAP in smaller portions so I haven’t lost the run of myself completely 😉 Still felt very indulgent after Whole 30 though!

2. Pizza noms

Cupslice-08022015121316 Cupslice-08022015121808

On a related note, I made myself some gluten free pizza at the weekend! It was so good – topped with homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, balsamic roasted vegetables and serrano ham! Ugh I so wish it weren’t all gone right now…

3. Speaking of amazing looking food that’s all gone…


Have you guys tried my fudgy banana coconut brownies yet? Do it.

4. Puns make me happy.


This coffee cup (containing green tea though!) made me lol.

Okay it’s kind of out there to explain, but ‘cupán’ is the Irish for cup.

And the phrase ‘cop on will ya’ is something you say if someone’s done something silly or they’re not pulling their weight, as in like ‘grow up’ or ‘why aren’t you doing something’ or ‘don’t be so stupid’? Hm. It’s harder to explain than I thought.

SO basically this cup is playing on words, by saying something like ‘cup on will ya’.

(Okay I promise it’s real funny.) :/

5. Clinging to Christmas even now.



At what point in the year is it no longer acceptable to wear Christmas socks?


Go see what everyone else is thinking about with Amanda here.


Any unusual slang phrases in your part of the world?

Are you planning on making any chocolatey treats for Valentine’s day? I posted some ideas here if you’re looking for inspiration 🙂


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