WIAW: Last week of Whole30 and Lately

Here’s a few photos of what I’ve been stuffing in my face in the last while!

Mini burger wrapped in serrano ham… Incredible combo, do try if you haven’t before!
Paleo fish pie… Totally made up the recipe as I went along and it was INCREDIBLE. Will post it soon!
Treatin’ myself – strawberries dipped in coconut cream. Nom.

IMG_20150131_223118110   IMG_20150131_102320913 IMG_20150201_110146214IMG_20150129_205001398

I went home for a few days which meant lots of eggs were eaten! Easiest paleo/low-fodmap thing to eat when I’m not doing the grocery shopping 😉

Spotted these in Tesco (they have what seems like an African/Pacific section in the Jervis Shopping Centre branch now!) and thought I’d give them a try. They were okay but I have to admit that I prefer the potato variety.
Have you made these yet?! Oh they’re good (and all gone). Recipe here.

Check out what everyone else is eating here!

Have you tried plantain crisps before (or any other strange varieties of crisp)? What did you think?

Are you planning on any decadent dessert making for Valentine’s weekend? I posted some recipe ideas here if you’re looking for inspiration 🙂


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