My Top 20 Decadent Valentine’s Day Desserts

Sweets for your sweet ❤

Here are my top 20 desserts for Valentine’s day – whether you’re enjoying them with your sweetheart or treating yo’self as a singleton, these desserts are sure to impress!

Really though just slap some berries on dessert and BAM! it’s Valentine’s day appropriate.


Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate:

1. Three words: Gooey. Chocolate. Caramel.

2. How perfect for Valentine’s is a dessert called a saucy marriage pudding?! 

3. This flourless chocolate cake looks so decadent.

4. Something different – chocolate orange cake with salted cream cheese frosting.

5. This is my favourite chocolate cake recipe ever – it’s all made in one pot and it just couldn’t be any easier! Make this.

6. These brown butter nutella-stuffed cookies would make a great Valentine’s dessert – serve hot with vanilla ice cream and you’re laughing!

7. These chocolate pudding cups are the cutest.

8. These chocolate-laced sour cream souffles look so fancy.

9. Whoa: Super rich,super decadent dark chocolate cheesecake with chocolate hazelnut ganache, toasted hazelnuts & sea salt.


10. This strawberry summer cake looks so beautiful!

11. This bittersweet chocolate pear cake is another great option.

12. This strawberry oatmeal cobbler is gorge!

13. How cute would it be to serve up two lil cobbler pots for dessert?


14. These nutella brownies look rid.ic.ul.ous.

15. Salt and fudginess and brownies. Heaven.

16. Caramelised white chocolate brownies – looks as good as it sounds.

17. Berries and chocolate are such a classic Valentine’s combo – raspberry ganache brownies.

18. These salted caramel blondies look incredible!


19. I love the idea of a gingersnap tart crust!

20. I made this caramelised pear and chocolate tart for my boyfriend last year and he looooved it.

Alternatively, why not try my recipe for the most coconutty cake in the world (secretly dairy free and pictured above) or Christmas-spiced biscotti (delicious with coffee all year round and pictured below)?



What dessert are you planning on whipping up this Valentine’s weekend? ❤


5 thoughts on “My Top 20 Decadent Valentine’s Day Desserts

  1. This all looks SO yummy. That chocolate orange cake with salted cream cheese frosting sounds amazing. I love me a Terry’s chocolate orange. I should show how much I love myself by making it! 🙂


      1. Oooh that sounds incredible. It’s sort of terrible, but I’m moving to Glasgow in a few weeks and I’m totally excited about the xmas Terry’s McFlurry! Hopefully the still have it? lol


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