Sharing Internet Love: Links

I haven’t done a post like this in aaaaages so I have a HUGE amount of links saved up! So this first one will have a lot of November links (sorrynotsorry). The weather is still pretty similar so things are still relevant okay?

The black stuff in this picture is the half jar of peppercorns that accidentally fell into my chili. Eating peppercorn for days. 😦


Newsy type links:

Finally! Detox is not a thing people, it’s not real, there’s no basis in science for it so can we stop talking about it and being scammed by it please?

Charts for people obsessed with Serial. This made me lol hard.

How women in prison use sharpies & jolly ranchers to make make-up. Fascinating. (FYI fellow Europeans: markers and sweets 😉 )

Trouble brewing in the crazy world of fruitarianism.

This is a  bit old but it’s new to me – Pantene ad in the Philippines which exposes female stereotypes:


36 different cardio workouts for the gym handily sorted by machine.


The origin of ‘slutty brownies’: Yeah seems like the Londoner is stealing recipes, yo.

This sausage potato pie looks delish.

These raw almond butter & chia jam bars with chocolate look AMAZING. Not even just by healthy food standards, just generally.

Sweet potato chicken casserole = more winter comfort food noms.

This almond butter banana pudding would make a super easy paleo dessert – no baking involved! (Lazy tip: You don’t really need to whip the coconut cream, it turns out just fine if you whisk it with a fork.)

Raw vegan eggnog, i.e. perfect for Europeans who are curious as to what eggnog is like but don’t want to drink egg (gross).

Let’s end on a sooooooooong. This is class:


Hope February is just febulous for you all. Heh. x


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