Week 3 of my Whole 30!

Here’s how the third week of my Whole 30 went! This week was a struggle – not in terms of cravings, but just because I had such bad digestive issues. I’m not sure what the cause was; I know it takes a while for your body to adjust to a new way of eating so it may have just been that. I was also under a lot of stress with deadlines for college – as IBS is strongly linked to stress (and I know it is for me), it may have been that either. That’s the worst thing about IBS, you really just can’t pin point it down to one thing!

The spinach is hiding!

Day 15:

B – Courgette soup with my last two turkey burger bites.

L – Chili with spinach and tomato.

D – Courgette soup with pulled pork.

  • Very sad that all the courgette soup is gone – the recipe only made 2ish servings, despite saying 4-6? Devo.  :(
  • My tummy is still upset today – I think it might be stress related?
  • Making carrot soup to have for the rest of the week tonight! #thecookingneverends
I ❤ soup for breakfast.

Day 16:

B – Carrot soup with pulled pork and a spoon of homemade barbecue sauce.

L – Chicken breast with a spoon of barbecue sauce with kale, tomato,baby potatoes and grilled bell pepper.

Afternoon – Banana.

D – Chili with sautéed kale and courgette.

  • My tummy is still so upset. :( I’m still going to power through in the hope that things iron themselves out over the next two weeks.
  • Loving soup for breakfast these days, it’s just as warming as my porridge used to be :)
  • I grabbed a banana after lunch to eat in the afternoon as I knew I wouldn’t be home until late – it was a great idea and it meant that I wasn’t really starving for dinner during the evening.
  • Can’t believe I’m more than halfway through!
Wasn’t a huge fan of the barbecue sauce – too strong of a pineapple flavour for me!

Day 17:

B – Carrot soup with pulled pork and a spoon of homemade barbecue sauce.

L – Chicken breast with a spoon of barbecue sauce with kale, tomato,baby potato, courgette and grilled bell pepper.

D – Chili with spinach.

  • Things still haven’t been looking up in the TMI front :(
  • Today I was working on an assignment so got delayed and couldn’t eat dinner until 8pm – although I was hungry my lunch fueled me through!
Afghan food is delish, but let’s be honest, it looks pretty gross.

Day 18:

B -Carrot soup with pulled pork and a spoonful of homemade barbecue sauce.

L – Chicken breast with a spoonful of barbecue sauce with kale, tomato,spinach, two teeny pieces of sweet potato, and cucumber.

D – Cooked a big compliant meal with the boyfriend, who had rice on the side ;) A ratatouille type dish with aubergine, courgette and tomato sauce, crispy chicken thigh and some lamb & spinach stew. So yum!

  • TMI issues have improved a little today.
  • Made more soup for tomorrow! It has turnip, kale, carrot and spices – sounds like a weird combo but it’s really good!
Soup and pulled pork is such a great combo!

Day 19:

B – Root veg soup with pulled pork & barbecue sauce.

L – Leftovers from dinner.

D – Leftovers from the week – chicken thigh, chilli, some of the aubergine dish & spinach. Also cooked some roast potatoes after.

  • The boyfriend ordered a big Domino’s so I made some roast potatoes to have instead :) If you’re tempted or miss Domino’s, all you need to do is look at their ingredients’ list – everything has a ludicrous amount of ingredients, it’s crazy! And the wedges are coated in wheat flour – insane.

Day 20:

B – Root veg soup with pulled pork & barbecue sauce.

Mid-morning – Leftover roast potatoes.

L – Some of the ratatouille dish, spinach, the last of the pulled pork.

Before dinner – grapes and two slices of serrano ham (compliant).

D – Kind-of-sloppy-joe type mince with spinach and tomato.

  • The roast potatoes were eaten in a bingey type way :( I don’t feel so bad as at least it was compliant food, but I’d really hoped to have turned a corner on the emotional eating thing.
  • Totally TMI here, just want to be thorough for my own purposes. I had really bad cramps this evening and I’m still having TMI issues, and I had a small amount of bleeding although I’m two weeks away from my period. Kind of concerned about the latter so I’m going to go to the doctor either tomorrow or Monday.  :wacko:
As I write this post I actually feel sad that this is all gone.

Day 21:

B – Green veg soup with chili.

L – Homemade fish pie – SO GOOD – with tomato.

D – A chili-lime chicken thigh, some pina colada chicken and some spinach and tomato.

  • Sundays are meal prep! I have so much food for the week ahead right now – meatballs, chicken curry, pina colada chicken, roasted carrots, fish pie and some sloppy-joe-style-mince (that I defrosted yesterday for dinner before cooking all the other things!). Probably I’ll freeze some of it, it’s just hard to decide what to freeze as it’s all so delicious  ;)
Meal prep donezo!

So that’s how week 3 went! On this side of the week things (digestion-wise) are lots better so I’m glad I’ve stuck with it so far 🙂 Can’t believe I’m going into the last week now!

Take a look at what others are eating here.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 of my Whole 30!

  1. IBS is quite the bitch – I wonder if you’d be up for (after a little break when Whole 30 ends) the autoimmune paleo diet? Only because of the tomatoes and aubergine… could they be a prob? And I wouldn’t worry on the potato binge (I could make a fellow Irish lass quip but I won’t) but it’s natural for us to go a little nuts on starches when we reduce them so much. I know that as long as I get a good starchy fix mostly every evening, then I don’t get bingey when I see a white food.


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