Week 2 Whole 30!

Here’s how things went this week. Warning: TMI content ahead :/

That’s coconut butter on the veg, nom!

Day 8:

B – Courgette frittata (it’s finally finished!) with four meatballs and a tomato.

L – Roast chicken with roasted carrots, turnip, tomato and homemade sriracha.

D – Chili with salad and sautéed aubergine.

  • I spent most of the day in the library, so this way of eating was great – it fuelled me up for hours and I didn’t have to worry about annoying my neighbours by eating snacks ;)

Day 9:

B – Egg, spinach & coconut ‘pancakes’ with homemade sriracha.

L – Leftover roast chicken with salad and roast carrots and turnip.

D – Leftover chili with sautéed aubergine, tomato and spinach.

  • Totes TMI but things are moving really slow right now – not sure what to do about this  :(
  • I sautéed the aubergine with a little fish sauce and it was truly amazing!
Chili is my fave food to have prepped for the week – it’s still just as good every time it’s reheated!

Day 10:

B – Egg & spinach ‘pancakes’ with two leftover meatballs and some tomato.

L – Leftover roast chicken with aubergine and carrots and turnip and tomato.

D – Roast beef with potatoes and salad.

  • Still no movement, not feeling so good.  :unsure:
  • Can’t wait to not have chicken for lunch tomorrow, getting a bit tired of it at this stage!
  • Survived a trip to the cinema with no snacks or drinks while my boyfriend munched away on popcorn and slurped Coke beside me! So proud  :)

Day 11:

B – Two egg & spinach ‘pancakes’ with leftover meatballs and tomato.

L – Leftover chili with sautéed spinach and tomato.

D – Homemade chicken ‘shawarma’ (i.e. followed a recipe leaving out everything non-compliant and high FODMAP) with spinach salad, ‘zhoug’ and cucumber and tomato salsa. DELICIOUS!

  • Digestive system still not the best  :(
  • I have noticed that my cravings are almost gone though, exciting!
This was the start of the kilo bag of carrots I ate in two days. #noregrets

Day 12:

B – Two fried eggs with leftover chili and a tomato.

L – Leftovers from dinner and a banana.

D – Sea bass sautéed with red pepper and spinach, served with coconut lime sauce I made myself and puréed carrots. I also had a bit of smoked salmon with it. Had an orange as well #itsfriday

  • Really proud today – I went to the supermarket and reeeally wanted to treat myself. So I did. With smoked salmon and coloured pens :D  I didn’t even think about buying sweets at all – crazy.
Leftover shwarma chicken, so good!

Day 13:

B – Fried egg with smoked salmon, sautéed spinach and tomato.

L – Leftover sea bass with red pepper and spinach and coconut lime sauce, and puréed carrots.

D – The rest of the sea bass.

After dinner – Dinner was quite small so I’m not too stressed about this. Ate some of the food I was prepping for the next day – mini turkey burgers and roasted carrots. Also a tablespoon or two of coconut butter.

  • I puréed about 6 carrots today and it’s all gone. I could eat that stuff forever.
  • Trying to make sure I eat more fish and today was very successful in that regard!
  • TMI but things are still real slow… Hoping this stage passes soon!
Do the sparkles make this look like it’s a pretty breakfast?

Day 14:

B – Baby potatoes (with coconut oil), smoked salmon, two mini turkey burgers (they’re tiny, like only a teeny bit bigger than a tablespoon), roast carrots and homemade mayonnaise.

L – Lunch was pretty soon after – I just had some more baby potatoes, two more mini turkey burgers and some tomato. Had a tablespoon or two of coconut butter again.

D – This was AMAZING. I found some reduced fresh salmon in the supermarket, so I sautéed that and served it with coconut curry sauce, roast carrots and sautéed kale.

After dinner – Again just had bits of the food I was prepping for the week as dinner was quite early – courgette soup (I love Melissa Joulwan :wub: ), pulled pork, chicken (again made to Melissa’s best chicken ever recipe – the brining makes such a big difference!) and chili (Civilised Caveman’s recipe – it’s a bit meh, much preferred Melissa’s chocolate chili recipe!).

  • I’ve decided to quite coconut butter for the remainder of my Whole30. I was treating it too much like dessert and I think it’s been irritating my tummy (although coconut is fine on a low-FODMAP diet, too much (like half a cup) can contain an excessive amount of polyols. Boo.  :(
  • TMI news: Things are moving a bit better today and I’m feeling less bloated! Hurray  :D
  • I spent hours cooking today – lucky I love to cook as Whole30 is so labour intensive! I realise that I could do it in an easier way, and just cook plain foods without recipes but I don’t think I could stand the boredom unfortunately  :rolleyes:
Meal prep time!

Check out what the rest of the strange world of blogging is eating here!

Are you eating healthier this January?

Do you meal prep?


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