Why I Haven’t Made a New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year everyone!

Pretty sad that Christmas is over, but hey – it has to end some time so we can start looking forward to next Christmas!

So, this year, amidst the blogging spectrum of resolutions, I’ve decided not to make any.


I began my disenchantment with new year’s resolution last year, realising that by February my wishes for the year were all but forgotten. That’s why last year’s resolution was to love myself more. It was short, concise, easy to remember and it was a concept I turned to whenever I felt low or unsure of myself all year. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you just accept and love yourself! (So cringe though, soz.)

My plan for 2015 is to continue 2014’s ‘resolution’, and to have monthly goals. I was totally inspired by Sam (check out her amaze blog!) who sets goals on her blog at the start of every month! I’m going to do the same – I really thrive off of short-term goals (when I’m being productive I have to-do lists coming out of my eyes!) and I think it will make my 2015 my most successful year ever. 😀

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Here are my January goals:

  • Complete my Low-FODMAP Whole30.
  • Get up in the morning when my first alarm goes off (the snooze button is probably one of the worst habits of mine).
  • Start oil pulling every morning. (Obvs while not neglecting my normal dental routine!)
  • Put in at least 2-3 hours of college work per day. Those exams are getting close!

How do you feel about new year’s resolutions – did you make any this year? 

Check in lots of cool other people’s thoughts over here and some FYI’s over here. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Made a New Year’s Resolution

  1. I didn’t make any this year either! I just didn’t want to start the New Year with all these resolutions when I now by the end of January, I’ll be hard on myself for not sticking to them! I’m doing short-term goals too and generally just taking everything day by day, much easier that way 🙂


  2. I’m not really one for making resolutions either. I considered it this year, buuuuuut we’re 1 week into 2015 and it hasn’t happened yet. I might end up just going the One Word route, and choosing a word that I’d like to motivate me this year. Still thinking about it 🙂


    1. Haha, a late one is still valid – keeping a resolution for 51 weeks is more than most people manage to do!
      Also, just saw your blog on your chosen word, what a lovely idea! You picked a great one – I’m sure it will bring you lots of exciting things this year!


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