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Any guesses as to what I’m planning based on my grocery shopping above?

Well if you guessed a low-FODMAP Whole30 you’d be right! (Eek.)

I haven’t posted about it before, but I’ve suffered from IBS for a couple of years now, and I figured that this would be the best way to figure out exactly what’s triggering it. I know I’m a little lactose intolerant, but quitting lactose hasn’t cleared up my symptoms completely.

Anyway, you can read about the Whole30 here, but basically it involves not eating grains, dairy, sugar, legumes (and a few others) for 30 days. You can read  about FODMAPs here – basically these are certain types of carbohydrate molecules found in different foods that are believed to trigger IBS symptoms in people suffering from IBS. They’re really surprising foods you’d never think to give up otherwise (like pears and cauliflower), but it’s really the most helpful thing I’ve ever done to help with my IBS!

Here are my objectives:

  • Weight loss. I gained a good stone over the last year (lots and lots of exams) – I lost some of it about 6 months ago and now it’s all back again! My problem is daytime grazing and night-time post dinner snacks. So I’m hoping Whole 30 will get me back into a decent semi-normal (whatever that is) eating schedule!
  • Figuring out my IBS triggers. I’m going low FODMAP as well as Whole30, so I’m hoping to figure out the root of my digestive issues. I think my reintroduction phase will be pretty long because of the amount of foods I’ll need to reintroduce (nuts, avocado, gluten-free grains, grains, dairy, legumes, onions, garlic……….the list goes on) so it’ll probably be more like a Whole 60 but it’ll be so worth it to know which FODMAP foods I can tolerate rather than just avoiding them all!
  • Reducing digestive discomfort. Related to the last one. I’m not going to go all TMI on ye.
  • Thinking less about food. I’m actually following one of the meal plans from Practical Paleo (the digestive issues one) [it’s not amazing so far but we’ll see how it goes, I’ll probably review it on the blog eventually] so I’m hoping to just reduce how much time I’m thinking about what and when I’m eating next.
  • Learning to avoid binge-eating patterns. Giving up all of the foods I’d usually overeat should help with this (here’s looking at you, chocolate/nuts/crisps/hummus).

So yesterday was Day 2, and here’s what I ate:


Breakfast was some courgette frittata and a leftover chicken thigh. I found it really difficult to eat the chicken thigh so early in the morning! Tomorrow I’ll be having some sweet potato with my eggs and I think it’ll be much easier to stomach.


Lunch was my classic leftovers lunch box – steak, spinach with dijon mustard, roasted butternut squash and sautéed peppers and scallions. So sad – the queue for the microwave in college was so long that I only had time to eat half before I had to rush to class! So I ate the rest later in the afternoon.


Dinner was baked cod with lemon, chili and olives. I served it with some mashed carrot & butternut squash – it was all so good!

BUT today I found that I was super hungry between meals and after dinner and I could not figure out why as I’ve had plenty of food in those meals! Eventually I figured out that it must be as my period is due in the next day or two – I’m always ravenous then. So I’m sure my appetite will adjust afterwards, and in the meantime I’m not going to stress about the three meals and no snacking rule – if I’m genuinely hungry I’m genuinely hungry and that’s that. In that spirit, after dinner yesterday evening (SO HUNGRY) I had some chicken and roasted sweet potato. I felt much better afterwards and fell asleep contentedly. 🙂

If anyone at all still follows me after my unannounced hiatus there, thanks! I’ll be updating more regularly now, I hope. Sorry for throwing you back into such a weird/intense/tmi post!

ALSO don’t forget to check out what other people are eating right now if that’s not a weird idea to you! Lol. I do it too :/


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