WIAW – Things I’m Excited to Eat now I’m Back Home

So it’s Christmas time and I’m back at home since I have a few weeks off college.

There are some things my family buy I don’t buy much in Dublin, because they’re too expensive or it doesn’t make sense to buy them alone. I’m super excited to dig into them while I’m home!

1. Smoked salmon.


Why oh why is smoked salmon so expensive? If it was cheaper I’m nearly positive I’d eat it everyday!

2. Steak.


This is my dinner later… are you jealous? Rare steak is quite possibly my favourite dinner ever.

3. Scones.


This one is uncharacteristically small, but scones are class. Salted butter, strawberry jam, yes.

4. Mince pies.



5. Blueberries.


Again, so expensive, but the best berry ever – I throw it into porridge, yoghurt and eat a handful whenever I pass the fridge! Sorrynotsorry.

Check out what everyone else is eating here.

Any foods you look forward to when you go back home?


5 thoughts on “WIAW – Things I’m Excited to Eat now I’m Back Home

  1. I love love smoked salmon, it’s so good! I really like a bagel with cream cheese and then smoked salmon on top! Have you seen Philadelphia’s smoked salmon cream cheese? I’m obsessed with it. It sounds gross and I put off trying it forever but now I buy it every week 🙂 Have a great time back at home!


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