Thinking Out Loud – Statuesque Statues & A Bear Dog

1. Winter is the best time for walking outdoors.


I just love the crisp dry weather this time of year!

Also, so stupid but I totally forget I live on an island until I actually venture out to the coast – it’s so lovely 😀

2. Very excited for Mango!


Not the summer fruit kind (though I am impartial to them too), but Mango is opening a standalone shop soon in Dublin and I’m quite excited!

3. Scary bear dogs are scary.


Okay so I wasn’t wearing my glasses the other day and this little dog totally looked like a small bear from far away?!

I’m still scared of dogs though, so it was still a frightening experience.

Oh the drama I face on a daily basis… 😀

4. I love vegetable crisps.


They are just so much better than normal potato ones! More flavour and texture and general yumminess.

Also better with hummus, which is relevant.

5. Statues are class.

Wolfe Tone statue (he was an Irish revolutionary way back in the 18th century).
James Larkin statue (he was a leader of the trade union movement and civil rights activist in Ireland in the early 20th century).

Kind of a random thought, but isn’t the idea of having statues of iconic people quite a cool one? They’re such an inspiring way to commemorate a person’s life.

Apologies – my crap photos do a bit of an injustice to the ones above!

Anyone else scared of dogs?

Any celebrities you think should be commemorated by way of statue in the future?!

Hope you’re having a lovely week and that your Christmas will be as amazing as this one sounds: 😉


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Statuesque Statues & A Bear Dog

  1. Winter looks gorgeous there. Here, we’re buried under about 2 or 3 feet of snow, so walking around isn’t all that pleasant unless you’re bundled up and feeling like a snowman. And even then you have to really make sure that you don’t step on a piece of ice and go flying… Happens to me at least once a year 😆


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