WIAW – My new favourite kind of bear.

Sorry I’m a bit awol on the blog at the minute, it’s just been really busy in college between catching up on assignments and meeting up with various group for Christmas dinners and catchups!

Here’s what I ate on Monday – I luckily had a really short day in college so I went into town and did some Christmas shopping once I got out of class! Best.

Like dessert for breakfast!

On Sunday I made a big dish of baked porridge with mixed berries! You guys. This stuff is the best ever. Not only is it delicious, but it saves me so many precious minutes in the morning as I just throw it on a plate and into the microwave! I ate it with some Greek yoghurt on the side, natch.

Ew. But yum, swear.

Okay, lunch looked super gross so I’ve made the picture as teeny as possible so as not to subject you to it! Chili, sweet potato (topped with coconut butter) and tomato. So yum!

Then I went into town to do some shopping at about 2 or so. I actually got quite hungry in the afternoon so I snacked on some cajun chicken slices…


…and my new fave little bears!

The packaging lies – the bears aren’t fluffy at all. Just saying.

The bears had that kind of salty-sweet flavour combo going on that always speaks to my heart.

For dinner when I got home I lazily microwaved half a packet of Tesco Finest’s paella:


So lazy, but the ingredients in the Finest Range aren’t all that bad!

And that was my Monday of food. Check out some other cool people’s here!

Hopefully I’ll be a bit better at blogging this week, sorry guys!

What’s your favourite kind of bear? 

Have you tried baked porridge? If you haven’t, you must – I totally insist! It’s like overnight oats, for winter 😉


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