WIAW: Stuff I’ve Been Eating Lately

As it’s been getting closer to Christmas, I’ve been eating out a lot as I’ve been  catching up with various friends.

As a result I’ve haven’t been able to do a full day of WIAW because I hate being the annoying person taking photos of my food. I do have one or two restaurant photos though as I sneakily pretended to take snapchats 😉 Oh, the things I do for you guys.

So here’s a little compendium of foods I’ve been eating lately!

Omg. Dirty burger and fries midway through a night out. SO GOOD I CAN’T EVEN.
Love these! The only ingredients are dates, pecans and almonds. Perfect healthy sweet treat!
Baked this amaze quiche with a sweet potato crust and goat’s cheese topping! Nom nom nom.
Made courgette hummus too! So easy!
This is kind of a lie as I haven’t tasted it yet, but it’s sitting in my fridge and I’m excited (though apprehensive) to!
So many nomz though the picture is terrible. Picked up this salad from Brother Hubbard – carrot & beetroot slaw, potato salad and cucumber and tomato salad. The dressings were delicious, definitely a huge hint of lemon, but I can’t remember what they were!
Still enjoying my usual breakfast of porridge with sunflower butter, almond milk and greek yoghurt!
So this picture is super classy. The legs on me! Cinnamon chewing gum, try it if you haven’t already; it’s so refreshing!
Fancy-pants dessert. Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and vanilla custard sauce and blackberries!
Different dinner from the dessert above would you believe! Lamb shank. Best.
Made spicy sriracha chicken. Recipe coming up next week! It’s a good’un.
Picked these up on a whim the other day. They’re actually pretty good, though I’m fairly certain they’re not as healthy as they claim!

Head on over here to see what everyone else is eating this week.

What are your feelings on cinnamon chewing gum?

Have you had any nice meals out recently?


15 thoughts on “WIAW: Stuff I’ve Been Eating Lately

  1. All this food looks amazing! I haven’t had breakfast yet and am getting ridiculously hungry, especially with a big picture of a burger and fries staring me down through my screen haha! I used to be pretty embarrassed about taking food photos in front of my friends as well, but now that everyone knows I’m a food blogger, it’s sort of expected from me ;). It’s gone form “Why are you taking photos of that?” to “Aren’t you going to photograph that?” 😉


      1. No fun about the legumes! 😦 I totally want that hummus recipe when you work it out! I’m a hummus fanatic! I make one with beet root and it’s gorgeous and super healthy!

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