Thinking Out Loud

Here are some things that’ve been going on in my week. There’s lots of Christmas stuff, as always. We don’t have Thanksgiving here so the Christmas season starts EARLY.

1. Early Christmas Presents to Myself.

All of the tea for me.

Caught this bargain on Amazon during the week! 96 tea bags – 12 different varieties – all for around €11! I’ve only tried one so far and the quality was a bit disappointing. Still a bit of a bargain though!

2. Hilarious Coconut Oil Packaging.

CAM00387 (2)

Like for real, how would you get this out of the bottle?! I assume it’s made for hot countries, where coconut oil is a liquid at room temperature. That’s just not gonna happen in Ireland though!

3. Even Santa gets clamped.


These car antlers are everywhere since last year! Got a good lol seeing this one clamped though!

4. Festive Giant G&T’s.

All of the G&T for me.

Went for drinks during the week and was mega impressed by this giant pretty glass of Bombay Sapphire gin with tonic! It was only €5 – bargain. (Normally in Dublin a gin and tonic would be €7-9.) You can’t really see how big the glass is, but it’s big. Swears.

5. Grand Canal Dock getting in the mood.


I was walking through Grand Canal Dock the other evening and couldn’t help but think how festive it looks! (It looks like this all year round, FYI). The building on the right is the Bord Gáis theatre; the picture doesn’t really do it justice but it’s actually really architecturally impressive.

Check out what everyone else has been thinking about over on Amanda’s blog.

How’s your week been?

Do you buy yourself Christmas presents? 🙂


12 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. I wouldn’t be able to resist visiting Grand Canal Dock many times throughout the week. It’s just beautiful & so festive.

    My week has been pretty lovely. Just relaxing today & tomorrow we have my husband work holiday party. Should be a nice time.


  2. Oh my goodness the coconut oil bottles…it weirds me out! Seriously, HOW do you get it out? You’d have to melt it right or at least get it hot enough to be able to easily pour? Somebody in their merchandise creating didn’t have their head on straight…haha!


  3. Hahaha I’ve seen that coconut oil bottle and thought the same! I guess you’d have to store it next to a radiator permanently :/

    It’s like the tease of food packaging. Tea…se – that tea package looks immense! I’m having a hunt for that right now!


  4. I used to live in Dublin- for 6 years!- and it’s so funny so see that picture of Grand Canal awwwww it brings so many memories back because I worked just next to that place in one of the offices 😀


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