Stuff I’ve Bought Lately: Christmas Edition.

I’ve been doing way too much shopping lately.

Someone save me from myself.

Looking at the below, you can probably tell that Boots was doing a 3 for 2 offer across all make up.

And in fairness, in terms of clothes it’s mostly a mix of cosy-by-the-fire clothes and get-off-your-ass-and-move clothes. So at least I’m being seasonal (if not contradictory).

Make up:


Finally bought the matte Apocalips I’ve been lusting after for so long! It was worth the wait. // Seventeen’s Brow Kit is amazing quality for the price. // The Wonderfull mascara by Rimmel is surprisingly great – it just glides onto the lashes! I tend to need two to three coats though.


Also stocked up on my staples: Stay Matte foundation in the palest colour obvs, and Stay Matte pressed powder in transparent. // Treated myself to Barry M Nail Effects nail polish too! It creates an amaze textured glitter effect. #sparklesparklechristmastime.


CAM00164Cute Chill Out penguin t-shirt, the cosiest ever fleece winter pyjamas and a workout top. All from Penney’s (Primark).


Workout leggings and long-sleeved top. From Penney’s (Primark).CAM00175Obligatory woolly jumpers. From Penney’s (Primark).

CAM00172Knickers from Penney’s (Primark). I love the Aztec-type print!

CAM00167Coca Cola Christmas top and purple cardigan. From Penney’s (Primark).


CAM00189Can you believe these were only €3?! Ridiculous. These are fab and I’m so excited to wear them to parties 😀

CAM00187These were all on sale in Dorothy Perkins. I love them all.

That is all.

Hope you’re enjoying the start of the Christmas festivities!


Have you started Christmas shopping yet?


2 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Bought Lately: Christmas Edition.

  1. I did all my two weekends ago, thank goodness! The fact that I had plans every weekend in November besides one and have every weekend in December booked up, forced me to just get on with it. I like shopping for myself but shopping for others can be a pretty tedious task! Love Primark, despite their reputation, I get some great deals in there and I have clothes that have lasted longer than other shops!


    1. Good job, I’m so jealous! Yeah same, they just have such a great selection that changes all the time! I’ve totally bought clothes from other high street shops like Dorothy Perkins and New Look and Forever 21 that haven’t been anywhere near the quality of Penney’s!


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