WIAW – Totally Backwards Day

Sunday was a hangover day. Again.

That’s college life for you, what can I say?


So, like most hangover days, I ended up eating weird foods at weird times and drinking a whole ton of tea.

I woke up earlyish (like maybe ten?) and was craving something salty.

So, like any normal person, I went and made popcorn on the hob which I promptly brought back to bed.

Two bowls of this for breakfast is totes normal, right?

A little later I warmed up some leftovers to eat. They look gross but they tasted real good, I swear.

It’s carrot & parsnip mash, plus some meatballs and grated smoked applewood cheddar.

I’m sorry, but comfort food should not look pretty.

As a teeny little dessert I had a mini gingerbread man, so cute! My boyfriend got it with his Christmas coffee the other day so he saved it for me 🙂

This lil guy didn’t stand a chance.

Later I snacked on some of the leftover fruit-sweets my lovely foodie pen pal gave me.

I love the cherry flavour, these are so good!

I got proper hungry again as it got to evening, so I had a bowl of porridge with Greek yoghurt. *Ugly picture alert*

Totes normal dinner, right?

Then even later I had night time snacks: a corn cake topped with goat’s cheese, peanut butter and coconut butter, and some mint chocolate discs that my other lovely foodie pen pal sent me!

Yeah, I just couldn’t decide on a topping so I had them all.
Blurry chocolate tastes the best. Honest.

So there you have it. A totally backwards day – snacking for breakfast and porridge for dinner.

I’m back to normal eating again though, I swear.

Whatever the hell normal eating is.

I think it maybe doesn’t exist.

Anyway, go check out what everyone else is eating!

What do you eat when you’re hungover?


5 thoughts on “WIAW – Totally Backwards Day

  1. Hands down the best WIAW I’ve seen for quite some time. Popcorn for breakfast is almost as good as leftover pizza eaten straight from the fridge..or in my my case, bought the night before specifically to eat the next day straight from the fridge.


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