Links on a Tuesday, plus Elf4Health and Paleo Cookbook Giveaway!

Didn’t get around to doing a linky post over the weekend, so here are some great ones to brighten your midweek! (Is Tuesday midweek yet?)

Don’t forget the Paleo cookbook sale is today!* I talked about it yesterday.

Also I’m doing the Elf4Health challenge this year! It’s being organised by Elle and Lindsay. Every day there will be a new health challenge, and we’re buddied up with other participants for support and encouragement! Today the challenge was to forego meat for the day. This wasn’t too hard for me – breakfast was porridge, lunch was a salad, I snacked on popcorn, and dinner was carrot soup with eggs on the side!

My meat-free salad – spinach, parsley, tomato, olives, beetroot, goat’s cheese, dressed with olive oil & apple cider vinegar. Lots of food isn’t meat it turns out!

Here are some links I’ve enjoyed this week:

This may be one of the most beautiful salads I’ve ever seen.

I love Chris Pratt too much.

Top 5 free yoga sites – great list!

Lamb biryani recipe noms.

This made me rage so hard: Barbie is a computer programmer in a new book (so far so cool) but she doesn’t program herself – she just designs and the men program. Like on what planet did the people making this book think this would be okay?!

‘No one wants to be the girl on a diet.’ This is such great food for thought – society expects women to be slim but yet never be on a diet (women dieting = uptight & boring). Make your mind up society, plz.

More societal craziness: Why we only see one version of plus size.

An Open Letter to Oprah. So Oprah’s crazy expensive tour is asking people to perform for free?! That’s so not on.

I hate when smoothie recipes have loads of ingredients – this one only has three and they’re pretty normal!

This is the best thing I’ve seen in ages:

What are your feelings on Chris Pratt?

What’s your go-to smoothie recipe?


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