Thinking Out Loud: A Disappointment and FOODIE PENPAL EXCHANGE #2!

Here’s a few lil things that’ve been going on with me this week.

1. Walking around Dublin.

Walk the plank?

Just can’t get enough of this!

How cool is this beam dangling over the edge of the quays?

2. Looks can be deceiving.

Such disappointment.

So I was waiting for a bus the other day, just down the street from this super cute Italian deli/bakery. I’d never been there before, so I stepped in for a little treat.

This coconut caramel macaron caught my eye; it looked so adorable!

But sadly it didn’t match up to my expectations – the shell was more like meringue than macaron and it crumbled up as soon as I bit into it. 😦

Bad day.

3. So I’m never buying a sandwich from Tesco again.

Silly sandwich.

I bought a Caesar chicken wrap from Tesco and I was shocked to see the above written on the packaging: ‘Produced in Ireland using chicken from Brazil or Thailand’.

What a disgrace?

Transporting chicken meat such a long way is so unethical. We have loads and loads of chickens in Ireland, and even more again in the EU! Not to mention the different regulations or lack thereof applicable in Asia?

It didn’t even taste good.

4. Runny eggs are my fave.

Sriracha all over everything everyday.

This was my dinner the other day – it was so so good. Leftover shepherd’s pie, leftover potato rosti, spinach & cherry tomatoes, and an amaze runny egg! This week has been full of good dinner noms. Despite being busy, I’ve actually found that taking the time out to cook has made me less stressed.

5. Foodie Penpal Exchange #2!!!

PicMonkey Collage
Amazing Lithuanian goodies!

Because Parcel Motel messed up my delivery the last time, this month’s parcel came really soon!

My penpal Gabriele went above and beyond – I can’t believe how many things she included?! I asked for local/traditional foods, and she sent me (clockwise from left to right): Acorn coffee; Tea; Cheese crackers (‘crack’ers is right – these things are so addictive!); A Protein Bar (containing cow’s blood – I’m really scared to try this even though I love black pudding?!); Carrot Bars (these are quite cool!); Cherry Sweets (just containing fruit – no sugar or additives!); Sprinkles/Toppings for Baking; Christmas Spice for Baking (cinnamon and other spices – excited to use this!); Acorn Biscuits (these are really cool, they’re kind of almondy and coated in icing and chocolate); and finally some mulled wine spices!

I sent my parcel to a lovely girl in the Netherlands but I forgot to take a picture – sorry! I sent her some Irish goodies: Ballymaloe relish, mixed peel (not really Irish but used in a lot of our Christmas baking), Christmas chocolates (again not really Irish, but I think Cadbury’s used to be made here so kind of counts?), and I threw in some oatcakes and Lyon’s tea bags too!

Anyway, thanks so much Gabriele!

Hope everyone else is having a lovely week; head on over to Amanda’s blog to take a look at what’s on some other cool people’s minds!


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: A Disappointment and FOODIE PENPAL EXCHANGE #2!

  1. Imported chickens?! That really is the weirdest thing ever — I don’t blame you for not wanting to buy another sandwich like that! And while I’ve never tried acorn coffee before, I’ve tried a coffee supplement made from acorns and it was surprisingly good!


  2. I did Foodie Pen Pens a few times and it was so much fun!! I would be totally scared of that protein bar. I can’t even eat meat without feeling gross, I could never eat blood! That’s really sad about the chickens.. yet another reason why I rarely eat meat! Dublin looks absolutely beautiful.. I’d love to visit there someday!


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