WIAW: Scared Cherry Tomatoes & Christmas Chocolate

This week I’ve had so much work for college; I hardly know how I’ve been surviving at all! Monday was a pretty typical day of eating for when I have an assignment due the next day. It’s horrible boring though (sorrynotsorry).

Breakfast was pretty much the usual: porridge, peanut butter, Greek yoghurt, ground linseed (I’ve been saying it was ground flaxseed on the blog, but actually the package says linseed! Who knew?) and almond milk, with a little granola as I accidentally didn’t put enough porridge oats on!

Favourite ugly breakfast ever.

I only noticed when I was uploading this picture that there are two cracks in the bowl. I fail at adult life.

Lunch was prepared in record time that morning – a defrosted seeded wholewheat pitta filled with hummus and chorizo slices, accompanied by piccolo cherry tomatoes. Just didn’t have time for chopping up veg to put into the pitta – it made for quite a bland sandwich to be honest!

To me it looks like the cherry tomatoes are scared of the sandwich. Lol. They should be scared of me, I eat through so many of them!

I spent the afternoon working on an assignment, and I got a little peckish so I snacked on a bag of my favourite popcorn in the world.

This seemed artistic at the time… Er, sorry.

Then when I finally got home for dinner, I had lovely smoked haddock which came with a chive butter (so yum) and a side of spinach and cherry tomatoes again. I love the cherry tomatoes. It’s been ages since I’ve eaten fish so I really enjoyed this!

Sriracha and cracked black pepper on everything, obvs.

Then it was back to the assignments for me! So I treated myself to several million cups of tea, and also my first Christmas chocolate of the year (unless you count the leftover selection boxes in January, haha).

Poor snowman didn’t live to see the Christmas.

And then a little later I also had a few dried figs – love them so much!

‘Oh bring us some figgy pudding’ is ringing in my ears as I post this! Christmas carol time is so soon!

And that was my Monday in food! You should go check out everyone else’s here.

Have you eaten any Christmas chocolate yet?

Do you love dried figs as much as me? They are the best.


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