Evidence of my Internet Addiction – 17 Nov

Link love

Hope it’s been a good weekend for everyone!

I went on a college trip – it was a great weekend, but I’m so exhausted after it! I’m just not able for two mad nights out in a row anymore, it’s just too crazy for me. I’ve been drinking water like a fish today to stave off the dehydration! My body is so angry at me right now.

Watching this baby otter taking a bath is making me feel mildly better though.

Anyway, here are some links that I enjoyed recently. I have loads and loads of food ones because I never put up a Friday Faves post this week, so enjoy!


These look incredible.

How to make a smoothie without banana.

I’ve never had sweet potato pie before, but I’d love to try it – this recipe looks like a good place for me to start.

Same goes for this pumpkin butter!

This maple syrup cake is a beaut.

Great winter comfort food here.

Gingerbread coffee creamer that’s paleo as well as delish looking!

9 reasons to get acquainted with zoodles.

Some healthy hot winter drinks (they’re vegan too fyi).

The Sugar Hit has been having an exciting Thanksgiving-Sides-A-Palooza this week you should check out.

Passion fruit meringue tart – love this for an idea.

This Mexican brunch skillet looks fab.

This Garden Keeper’s Pie needs to be in my belly like stat.

Chocolate. Oatmeal. Cookies. Need I say more?


^^^ Cannot stop laughing at this.

All the celebrity Hallowe’en costumes this year. I feel like such a creep looking at this, lol.

The Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2014. These are seriously hilarious! ‘Running her tongue over her lips she nodded; she was as hot as boiling water in a distillation flask, and it wasn’t long before I was able to really get going.’

Tillie talks about fixating on a goal weight. She’s super insightful.

What happens when you’re looking for a new job, but you’ve only ever worked in the porn industry?

Tattooed trafficking survivors reclaim their past. 

Best NYC marathon signs.

5 tips to stay healthy if you work at a computer all day.

This is for people who have a weird sense of humour (like me – I found this too hilarious!):

Have a lovely week everyone! 🙂

Who do you think should win the Bad Sex in Fiction award this year?

Did you find the Shia LaBeouf video funny too or do you think I’m a big weirdo now?

How do you feel about baby otters? Do you prefer baby seals?


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