Thinking Out Loud – 12 Nov

This week has been a bit crap in terms of college work and the weather, but it has made up for it in exciting things and Christmas buzz!

1. Lovely tea places.

Yummy lemon & coconut tea.

I went to a super nice tea café with the boyfriend over the weekend; we’ve been a few times now. It opened in Dublin last year and it’s the bee’s knees.

It stays open late (until like 9ish which is hugely late for somewhere that’s not a pub). And you get to choose your tea from a huge selection of loose leaf tea jars. The biggest selection that I’ve ever seen!.

They also do food, which I have yet to try, but I’m really intrigued about the idea of teazzas – pizza with tea-infused tomato sauce!

2. Miniature things.

Teeny toiletries or gigantic courgettes?

I came across a whole section of miniature things in Tesco the other day and I just thought it was the cutest thing! I realised that because everything is tiny, it looked like they’re normal-sized. So I put my packet of courgettes on the shelf for reference!

Super embarrassing supermarket scenes.

3. Christmas excitement in M&S.

Teeny Christmas pudding love.

So exciting, M&S was doing loads of samples of Christmas foods today! I went a little crazy, and tasted some Christmas pudding with brandy butter, blackforest cheesecake, nutty fudge, and some kind of Christmas spice jam. My favourite was the Christmas pudding!

4. Dublin in the dark.

The Four Courts are totes majestic.

Still loving walking in the city at night!

5. Supermarket sushi.

Maki snacky.

Ugh so good. And it’s only €1.50 – like who could resist that?

Now don’t forget to check out what everyone else is thinking about over on Amanda’s blog!

What are your favourite Christmas foods? I’m all about the Christmas pudding, the stuffing, and the ham. (Not all at the same time obvs.)

More seriously, what’s your favourite tea?


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – 12 Nov

    1. Ahaha, cookies aren’t really a big thing for Christmas here for some reason! We’re all about the mince pies – super excited as they’re already in the supermarkets!
      I know, I can’t wait until I have more time to bake! Bought a baking tray for my house today 😀


  1. Oh man, I have so many little toiletries from traveling. I should set up my bathroom in miniature.

    I, like every other american apparently, am looking forward to cookies too. We make a lot of family recipe ones over the holidays. It’s an eclectic mix.

    However, when it comes to tea, I am boring. Plain green please.


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