WIAW: Milky Moo Nostalgia & All the Tomatoes

So today was quite an annoying day.

I had to be in college for two lectures – so far, so good – but they were five hours apart. 

And the second one lasted only twenty minutes!

AND it was lashing rain, and my umbrella is broken, so I couldn’t even go anywhere in between times.


(Super spoiled-for-time college student first world problems.)

Anyway it’ll all be over for me soon enough, and five hours with nothing to do will seem like bliss I’m sure!

Onto today in food.

The flaxseed mix has teeny fleks of goji berry in it; so cute!

Breakfast was porridge with almond milk, peanut butter and flaxseed. Yum.

Because of the rainy day of rain I couldn’t go out for proper lunch, so instead I snacked on some popcorn and this granola bar. They were pretty good.

Recycled photo alert.

Also I had some of this AMAZING chewing gum that I found in Super Valu the other day. It’s a chewing gum version of Milky Moo sweets! I’m not sure if everyone is aware of Milky Moos, but they’re a retro fave here and I remember my Granny giving them to us as kids. She used to give us Emeralds as well – anyone know if they’re still on sale because they were class?

Milky moos were a sweet, creamy chewy sweet, and emeralds were chocolate coated coconut caramels. ❤

Haven’t seen these in so long!

When I got home I had some rice pasta with honey & mustard sausage (SO GOOD) and cherry tomatoes and sriracha. It looks a mess, but it was the best thing to come in out of the rain to. (I had a second bowl shortly after.)

Ugly food is best food.
The yellow ones are my favourite.

On a side note, these tomatoes are amazing! Slightly embarrassing, but I bought this on the way home from college, and after making my lunch for tomorrow, they’re already gone! I snacked on them while making dinner and tomorrow’s lunch, as well as putting them in those meals – they were just so delicious.

Later in the evening I had a real disgusting looking snack, so I didn’t take a picture! It was two corncakes topped with chorizo, melted cheese and homemade hummus. It tasted great despite its appearance!

I also had two of the mint chocolate discs that Erica sent me last week – thanks again lovely!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week – don’t forget to go here to check out more bloggers’ WIAW!

What sweets remind you of your childhood?


6 thoughts on “WIAW: Milky Moo Nostalgia & All the Tomatoes

  1. Oh man. Maybe it’s just being used to my sweets, but non-American treats always look way better.

    But as a kid I definitely used to eat a lot of orange slices here. I’ve always been a fruity candy person.


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