Weekend Links on a Tuesday

Link love

Better late than never guys, right?


(I’m sorry.)

Greatist tells the history of the sports bra. Beyond grateful to its inventors.

This frozen yoghurt bark looks like a great Christmas treat!

Amazing, but also sad because it should have been unnecessary: Women with actual PhD’s review ‘Sexy PhD Costume’ on Amazon.

Espresso Burnt Sugar Shortbread. Looks like a perf accompaniment for a cup of tea (what isn’t though?).

I love Doctor Cat (comics about a cat who is also a doctor). Here’s the start of a comic introducing Lawyer Cat – click the image for the rest of the comic (it’s too adorable!):

Cute signs spotted at the NYC marathon.

‘I waited until my wedding night to lose my virginity and I wish I hadn’t.’ Totally believe that whether or not to have sex before marriage is an individual choice, but making 10 year olds take a pledge to that effect is unbelievably fucked up. I had no clue what sex was at that age! Never mind the fact that sex isn’t objectively a bad thing, we kinda need to have babies to continue the human race and all. Craziness.

My week with a flip phone. So hip.

Sweet potato casserole with a crunchy nut topping. Sweet potatoes and marshmallows just looks bizarre to me, but I think I can definitely get on board with this recipe!

Fiterazzi has a quiet time cardio workout for those who want to work out at home but have housemates they don’t want to piss off.

I’m sorry, I know he’s just one ignorant guy, but his seeming to not realise Ireland is a sovereign nation super annoyed me. Eh, the difference between us and Scotland is that we’re not in the UK, and haven’t been for quite some time now… (Relevant bit is towards the end.)

At home workouts so you can try a fitness class before signing up for it at the gym!

Ratatouille shepherd’s pie. Oh my wow, the comfort food factor here is off the charts.

Kind of super excited that Netflix is making A Series of Unfortunate Events into a tv program.

These Swedish meatballs look even better than Ikea’s, and they’re paleo too!

Popsugar has ALL the celebrity Hallowe’en costumes. I love Beyonce as Frida Kahlo!

I want to run away forever with this double chocolate pecan bread.

I feel guilty but I hate my body: A feminist confesses. It’s so hard to escape this kind of thinking. [Trigger warning.]

The John Lewis ad is out! I’ve never been in a John Lewis shop before, but their Christmas ads have become a byword for cute-warm-fuzzy-feeling times and this year is no exception!

Hope you’re having a lovely week!

What’s your opinion on young girls taking pledges to remain virgins until marriage?

Did you know Ireland was a sovereign nation?!?!? (I hope yes.)


2 thoughts on “Weekend Links on a Tuesday

  1. I read that sex until marriage article the other day, it seems to be going around on Facebook at the moment. I was so shocked. Whether it’s your choice to have sex or not to have sex is no one else’s business, let alone a whole church knowing your decision! Forcing young girls to take a pledge like that is beyond crazy to me!! Like you, I had no idea what sex was at 10, let alone being able to handle taking a pledge like that!!

    You’ve never been into John Lewis?!! You’re missing out, I love it there!! I mostly just have a look around because I can’t afford much but they have some really lovely things! That advert is just the cutest!!


    1. I know, it’s too ridiculous! I hate that it’s so calculated – making them take the pledge before they’re old enough to know what they’re agreeing to, or even mature enough to make a long-term decision (there’s a reason the law doesn’t allow children of that age to enter into contracts) is intentional and it’s so wrong.

      No, never! I haven’t been to the UK much, and usually not for shopping beyond the usual obligatory Topshop visit (their prices are so much cheaper in sterling – we’re really ripped off!). Haha, I know – I’m aching for a pet penguin right now. ❤


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