Friday Food Faves – 7 Oct

It’s Friday again, and I think this week wins the prize for the shortest week ever!

I ate some real nice food this week, but I think my favourite was this amazing, dairy-free chocolate fudge cake made by yours truly! My family were head over heels, and they didn’t even realise it was dairy-free until I told them. 😉


Here are my favourite food links this week:

Ridic decadent peanut butter chocolate fondants.

Healthy oatmeal recipe round-up. I love new porridge ideas!

Andie from Can You Stay For Dinner describes disordered eating like no other: ‘Moving Away From Binge Eating’. She gets it.

Ignore all the ‘detox’ buzz: this soup just looks really tasty!

This creamy whipped feta with carrot pesto looks just dreamy.

Amanda from Running with Spoons has the best ideas: Banana Bread for breakfast is just one of these.

‘How a single mom created a plastic food storage empire.’

The NY Times has a great basic guide to pie crusts.

There were all kinds of amaze trashed up recipes floating around this week for How Sweet Eats’ baby shower – this spicy sambal sub was my fave.

Speaking How Sweet Eats, her own absurdly over-the-top hot chocolate recipes this week were just too. much.

These healthy red velvet pancakes look yum!

This video makes me laugh so much every year, it’s just too hilarious!

Any food links you’d like to share this week?


Lucky Hallowe’en is over so we can enjoy our picnics in peace again, amirite?


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