It’s Thinking Out Loud time (aka photo dump time for me) with Amazing Amanda from Running with Spoons!

1. Ireland being all pretty.

I went to the west coast last week on a day trip and it was just great. The west coast is all rugged and breath-taking (also the weather is ALWAYS terrible, so bring a coat kids).

So much karst landscape I can’t even.
No filter! (Eh, you can probably tell…)

2. Whiskey porridge for breakfast.

Nom nom morning time.

Yeah, so I’m super delayed with that barmbrack type recipe I promised. I’ll deliver it Monday though, swear! Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the leftovers crumbled over my porridge with obligatory greek yoghurt this weather. Yum.

3. Signs of Christmas.

They’re everywhere! I’m so excited!!! 😀

Gingerbread lattes are already in Insomnia. (Get with the game Starbucks, PSL’s are so two months ago.)
Christmas decorations in Jervis Shopping Centre (the statues move!).
Christmas sandwiches in M&S already!

4. Family times.


More specifically, dessert and coffee time with the fam.


So this month I decided to participate in a Foodie Pen Pals exchange hosted by the lovely Carol Anne at Rock Salt. You may have guessed from the title to this post that I was ever-so-slightly excited about it…

I was so lucky to get a very thoughtful pen pal in Erica (who also lives in Dublin!).

This is what I received:


It’s so cool, because I already have the Soups version of the Avoca cookbook so I’m so happy to have a matching set! I’ve used the Soups cookbook loads, so I’m sure the Salads one will be a keeper too.

The dark mint crisps are so good (and dairy free too!), and the pistachio bar was such a yummy snack!

Thanks Erica! 🙂

If you’re interested, here’s what I sent my pen pal in Greece (along with an unpictured hot chocolate sachet and a Christmas wish Lindt star that I bought last minute):


It’s so sweet – she’s putting together a patchwork quilt with pieces of material sent by each of her foodie pen pals! I sent a Christmas-themed one. Even though it was mid-October when I sent it.

I just get over-excited about Christmas you guys, sorry!


Do you get as excited about Christmas as me?

Do you participate in any foodie pen pal swaps?


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Plus FOODIE PEN PAL EXCHANGE!

  1. Ummmm I’m literally obsessed with all things Christmas!!! I’m so happy that Halloween is officially over because that’s when I start going Christmas crazy! So it isn’t just you, I just can’t understand people that don’t get excited about Christmas aha! Ireland looks beautiful, I really really want to take a trip up there some day 🙂


  2. Those moving statues did it for me – uncanny. German Advent starts officially tomorrow, so I am quite excited. Unfortunately that’s just if you’re fasting, which I am not 😉


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