WIAW: Hangover Day

To change things up a bit I’m doing my WIAW this week on a weekend day!

Saturday night I went out on the town with the girlos so Sunday I was feeling a little worse for wear.


For some weird reason, when I’m hungover I really crave hummus? So, since I only got up at like 12 I just had two tablespoons of lemon & coriander hummus for breakfasts. Weird, but good.


Family dinner was just about an hour later. We had a classic (and my fave) traditional Irish dinner – bacon and cabbage (with potatoes, obvs).

CAM01064Sorry about how gross this photo looks… For dessert I had some homemade chocolate cake, a teeny slice of leftover homemade coconut cake, with some fresh berries and homemade custard made with coconut milk! I promise it tasted really good despite how it looks…


Later in the afternoon I had this little bag of crisps left over from the trick-or-treaters on Friday. I’d never tried that flavour before – they tasted just like Monster Munch! So I guess the mystery of that flavour is solved.

I always want crisps after I’ve been out the night before – I think it’s because of the dehydrating effects of alcohol. That’s how I discovered hummus crisps a few weeks ago; they are so delish!


I then got the bus back to Dublin. I whipped up a random tea by puréeing some carrots and butternut squash (having frozen butternut squash already sliced up in the freezer is AMAZING), and heating up an M&S beetroot bourguignon dish. OH and there was some chorizo and grated cheddar added to the carrot & squash mash as well, for extra comfort-food-factor.

I really crave fresh vegetables when I’m hungover, it’s like my body knows what will make it feel better.

CAM01069I also picked up a lil treat in the train station on the way home – haven’t had pick’n’mix for ages! There’s a pear drop, chocolate coated brazil nut, fizzy milkshake bottle, sour lips, strawberry bonbon, rum’n’raisin fudge, sour cola bottle and a strawberry cream sweet! So childish; so good.


I also enjoyed lots and lots of this lovely tea! It’s so fragrant and floral. Not sure what it has to do with the morning after as I’ve been enjoying it at all times of the day! 😉

What do you crave when you’re hungover?

Any exciting food over the weekend?


6 thoughts on “WIAW: Hangover Day

  1. Haha this is such a classic hangover day for me! They usually go: none or random breakfast > big brunch/roast > weird snacks/lazy meals

    Especially loving the pick ‘n’ mix – I had some the other day myself and it reminded me how my parents kept me happy as a child…


  2. Love pick ‘n’ mix, always always get it when I go to the cinema, it’s a must for me!! I like you’re choice of tea 😉 I always getting really happy when I see my name on products, so childish I know. Jasmine just happens to be a name for a lot of things, I’ve noticed!!


    1. It is a great cinema treat alright! Though I am a fan of salty popcorn so it’s always a tough choice. Usually I just stick with neither and stealing all my boyfriend’s popcorn. Mwahaha.

      Haha, jasmine green tea is one of my faves! It’s such a pretty name by the way! 🙂


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