Evidence of my Internet Addiction – 2 Nov

Link loveHello and welcome to another edition of that post where I show you how I wasted my time this week…

I LOVED this post with 10 random things from the Argos Catologue in 1986. Pretty sure everyone has random brass statues and at least one carriage clock somewhere in their home house…

Loved this round up of fall salad recipes.

Oh my wow. Dark chocolate coconut macaroon tart that is dairy free? Gimme.

I got myself arrested so I could look inside the justice system.‘ Super interesting read. Shit’s fucked up.

Great list of some great fitness apps.

The Almond Eater threw out another banger of a recipe – orange white chocolate bread. Imagine eating a warm slice of this with a cup of tea? Swoon.

This Kickstarter made me lol – the nophone.

Anyone else doing Pile on the Miles 2014 with Run Eat Repeat? I need some fitness motivation now that it’s all cold and wintry out!

The Guardian links I most appreciated this week were this article about the woman who chose her adopted children over her husband (though I’m sure the decision was more nuanced than that headline…) and this other one about the poor in the UK who are forced by circumstance to steal for food

This pesto & mozzarella stuffed sweet potato is happening in my near future.

Super proud to see Ireland have three cities in this list of the friendliest cities! And none in the unfriendliest 😀 Not gonna lie, I kind of love tourists, I’m always stopping to help people I see holding a map confusedly in Dublin!

3 simple tricks to improve running form.

The labourers who keep dick pics and beheadings out of your facebook feed. I am so grateful for these people – the occupational hazards seem concerning though.

This has kind of been my study jam the last few weeks:

Hope you’re having a lovely week!

Do you have a carriage clock or a brass statue?

Are you doing pile on the miles?

Is your city a friendly one?




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