Friday Food Favourites – 31 OCt


Doing these posts makes me a little sad sometimes because it makes me realise that there’s an infinite number of amazing recipes and there’s no way in the world that I’ll ever get to make them all. 😦

All I can do is try!

Best thing I ate this week: Salad from a local café with mixed leaves, candied nuts, pickled quince, gubbeen chorizo, goat’s cheese, golden raisins,  and warm sour dough. Must. Recreate. Asap.

Here are my favourite food links from this week:

Vegan and gluten free thumbprint cookies have never looked so good.

Chocolate orange cake with salted cream cheese frosting. Incredible.

This creamy cashew cardamom smoothie sounds so interesting – dairy-free too!

I’ve never heard of a fiesta bake before, but this sweet potato and quinoa fiesta bake looks like a great place to start.

Craving this salted caramel chai latte. Amazingness.

I’ve never had poutine before as I didn’t think it would be possible without cheese curds (we don’t have them in Ireland and also I’m not sure what they are), but this recipe uses mozzarella instead, putting them firmly within my grasp at last!

Although I’m not paleo, I love how hearty their recipes are – perfect winter food! This spinach and meatball casserole looks like a winner.

These 4-ingredient almond butter cups from the Almond Eater (of course) look b-e-a-utiful!

It wouldn’t be a Hallowe’en day post without a bitta pumpkin: this tandoori pumpkin curry looks fab.

I love John Oliver, and this video he did about McDonald’s ad campaign is truly amazing. Cuts through their ‘wholesome’ and ‘honest’ image so well:

His video about sugar is also class, and super shocking.

Hope you’re having a super and spooky Hallowe’en!


Do you ever feel sad thinking about all the recipes you won’t have time to make?

Canadians: Is mozzarella poutine acceptable??


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