Thinking Out Loud (Mostly about Dublin – I love this citay)

Today I’m linking up with lovely Amanda for Thinking Out Loud!

I think it’s such a great idea – there’s always loads of things I’d love to share with you guys but it’s impossible to fit it all within normal blog posts!

1. Walking home in the dark.

So eerie.

I’ve become so bold for walking home in the dark by myself lately! I just really love the quietness, and it makes me feel so much more refreshed by the time I’m home.

2. Grocery shopping like a boss.

Smoked salmon is my fave.

This all cost me less than €20! Reduced stickers, own brands and wonky veg are my best friends.

3. Stroopwaffels.

Take me back to when the pack wasn’t empty 😦

Stroopwaffels are just the perfect treat to go with your tea! I found a half-empty packet in the back of a press at home that I’d gotten as a gift a while ago, and I was so unbelievably happy!

The trick  with them is to put them on top of your hot beverage so that the chewy caramel becomes melty soft caramelly deliciousness!

Perfect treat.

4. Windows that make me lol.

‘Wish this was made from tofu said no one ever.’

Pitt Bro is a great America-style BBQ restaurant in Dublin, it only opened about a year ago. I know this is a little bit rude to lovely vegetarian/vegan people, but I as someone who doesn’t eat tofu because it looks gross to me (plus it’s made of beans?!), I got a good laugh out of it.

5. Dublin graffiti.

Confidential tape dragon.
The tape that says Anglo looks like a face!

I feel like I should make this a regular feature because there’s just so much cool graffiti in Dublin! This cool dragon/cassette tape graffiti adorns Yamamori restaurant on the quays (it’s not all visible when it’s open during the day).

One of the tapes says ‘confidential’ and the other says ‘Anglo’ – it’s a reference to a news story from last year – the gist is that a lot of bankers are sorta horrible people.

6. Road trip food.

They have a new variety of Fruit Pastilles called Froosions! I recommend.

Got an early morning bus to Galway last week! This stuff kept me going.

7. Excited for Christmas food already.

Christmas deliciousness.

You guys. The Christmas puddings and Christmas cakes are already in the shops! I’m so tempted to buy one now because I’m so excited, but I think I’ll hold off as I don’t want to make it less special at Christmas. It’s just too difficult though!

That’s all for now, hope your week is going well!

What’s been on your mind this week?

Do you enjoy graffiti?

Are you excited for Christmas pudding times?!


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