WIAW: Olive-Love and a Fruity Sandwich

It’s What I Ate Wednesday time again, as hosted by the lovely Peas & Crayons.

I don’t know about you guys, but the weather has really taken a turn for the worse here – it’s gotten so rainy! At least there’s the chance of a beautiful rainbow after. I guess. It’s hard to enjoy it if you’re soaked to the skin as you forgot your umbrella, haha.

CAM00676As Monday was a bank holiday I decided to stay home Monday night and return to Dublin yesterday morning. So I had to get the 6.30 am bus, i.e. basically I got the bus in the middle of the night. So horrible.

I had breakfast when I got back up to Dublin – Ready Brek with almond milk and topped with granola and coconut flakes.

Coconut on everything plz.

After class I was starving but I hadn’t done any grocery shopping, so I grabbed a roll from a bakery on the way to Tesco. It was really good, but huge so I only had half and I’ll eat the rest for lunch today! #cheapskatestudentlife

I’m a bit on the fence about it; it was only okay. It was a rustic-style roll with cooked ham (not much flavour from that), a really sweet cranberry relish, brie, rocket and some sliced pear. I actually ended up taking the pear out as it was a bit too sweet when peared (I’m mature) with the relish!

So fruity.

When I came home in the afternoon I snacked a little on some of these:

Olove these.

Totally rediscovering my love for olives right now. This pack is so handy and I love the herbs, but unfortunately it’s waaaay too salty for me. I can only handle about two or three at a time. 😦

In the afternoon I also had about three dried figs. These ones are super soft too, so good!

Figgy fig.

Dinner was super lazy. I had some soup that I bought in Tesco, it was this one here. It tasted good, but for some reason, no matter how angelic the ingredients, whenever I buy soup from the supermarket it always gives me heartburn afterwards. Only homemade soup doesn’t; it’s so strange.

Topped with Greek yoghurt and cracked black pepper.

Is this week a rainy one for you too?

Do you like your sandwiches fruity?

Do you have heartburn issues with processed food? I can’t be the only one. :-/


4 thoughts on “WIAW: Olive-Love and a Fruity Sandwich

  1. ‘Olove these’ < YES

    Need that on a t-shirt, somehow…

    Yeah there is something creepy about ready made soups – I think the salt they use? Like, I have a lot of salt in my diet but it's mostly sea salt. I wonder if that's it… I'd rather not think about what they might be getting up to in the factory, so let's just go with salt.


    1. Haha that would be a great t-shirt alright!

      Possibly! It wasn’t overly salty though, it was the kind of soup that comes refrigerated in a carton if you know what I mean? I can’t eat packet soups (that you add water to) at all, they’re so salty that they almost make me gag!


  2. Mhmm that roll looks delicious! I usually love the salty-sweet combo and cranberry relish=my fav. There’s a Norwegian cranberry sauce that I put on basically any savory dish and it totally makes the meal for me!

    I wish I had some rain here in California! We’re actually in a drought so there hasn’t been any solid rain in months.


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