Evidence of my Internet Addiction – 26 Oct

Link loveIt’s weekend link time again!

I’m so happy that it’s a long weekend here; I’ve been rushing all around the place all week so it’s great to have a bit of a break. 😀

Rushing to class as usual, tea in hand.

Here are some links to brighten up your weekend (or your Monday back in work if you’re not so lucky as me!):

These colourised photos are the best thing I’ve seen in ages. So fascinating.

Women must ask for pay raises if we want to close the gender pay gap

I enjoyed the stories in this Askreddit thread: ‘What event or incident at your job caused a mass firing or mass quitting?’.

Video gamers are having a bizarre debate over whether sending death threats to women is a serious issue. These people make me lose faith in humanity. 😦

Loved Cat’s article about how to sneak in exercise at work:

The man who smuggles Trader Joe’s into America. I’ve never been to this shop before, but this article was super interesting! 

Ireland’s shocking record on human rights. This is so shameful.

Can’t wait to try out this zingy ginger salad dressing – I think it’ll be a keeper!

8 of your childhood books and what they look like now. Upsetting.

Loved this article and its truths: Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams and the Spectacle of Mental Illness.

This pin made me lol because it’s the opposite issue that I have – I’m constantly haunted by the stupid things I have said! 😉

Lena Dunham wrote an essay about rape.

Amanda from Running with Spoons always has the best granola bar recipes.

An essay about being an American woman living in Saudi Arabia. Truly shocking.

I’m kind of liking Hoodie Allen’s music right now (and he’s kind of a hottie) (bold language alert):

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, goodbye for now!


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