Currently: A Sunday Morning Survey.


Hey you guys. So I’ve never done a survey on the blog before, and Jen from Peanut Butter Runner posted one yesterday, so I decided to yolo and put up my own answers here.

I don’t post much about my actual life on here (mostly because it’s quite boring) so I thought it’d be a nice change of pace.

Here goes…

Making: Christmas holidays plans already. It’s my last college holidays ever (3 weeks!) so I totally want to make the most of it.


Cooking: A traditional Irish Hallowe’en recipe that I’ll post on here next week 😉

Drinking: Lots and lots of tea and water with the occasional coffee and the occasional something stronger.


Reading: Journal articles. Gah. No time for fun reading time during college. 😦

Wanting: To not have a cold anymore. Dying of a head cold all day, again! Sniffle.

Looking: Around beautiful Dublin.

Playing: With my hair too much. It really needs a cut.

Wasting: time on Netflix and Facebook and Bloglovin. They’re all just black holes for time from which I can’t escape.

Wishing: We could skip Halloween and fast forward to Christmas already. (Read: I don’t have a costume yet and it’s quite stressful.)

Enjoying: Family time as always! ❤

Waiting: Patiently for my iherb order to arrive!

Liking: These flapjack things. They’re like way too good, I need to make my own healthier version asap. The tartness of the cranberries is amaze:

Wondering: Where those CD’s came from?!

CAM00655Loving: The Joy the Baker Cookbook (the first one, not the latest) that arrived at my house this week!

Hoping: That I’ll get more sleep this week. Eek.

Marveling: Over the endless creativity of Dublin’s graffiti artists (a lot of them are more artistic than this, this one just made me lol):CAM00382

Needing: A new winter coat. I think there may just not be a coat out there for me this year; it’s quite upsetting.

Smelling: My vanilla scented candle. More like inhaling though really.

Wearing: My cosy winter hat. Yes, it destroys the make up on my forehead and flattens my hair and leaves weird groove marks in my skin, but dammit if it doesn’t make me the cosiest bug in a rug.

Following: The goings-on with ebola. Scary stuff.

Noticing: That I drink so much more water when I have a pretty bottle.

Awks wrist action shot.

Knowing: Loads about the various flights I could get in January for different prices. Nothing about my tutorial work though.

Thinking: About what birthday cake I’m going to make my brother next week.

Feeling: Excited for birthday cake now.

Bookmarking: Soup recipes. I got a blender and I’m so excited to use it!

Opening: My sock drawer because my poor feet are so cold right now.


Giggling: Over this. It’s just too funny I can’t even –


Now it’s your go – what are you up to at the minute? Can’t wait to see what has you giggling!


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