Friday Food Favourites – 24 Oct


How’s everyone’s week going food-wise?

Highlight of mine was homemade burrito bowls, they were so delish! We made our own spicy pulled chicken, pico de gallo, coriander lime rice and guacamole and topped it all off with grated mature cheddar and a dollop of greek yoghurt (great sub for sour cream):



Here are my favourite food links from around the web this week!

Rachel Phipps has an ingenious idea to elevate already-delicious brownies to delicious raspberry ganache brownies! So simple. So decadent.

Katie at the Kitchen Door always has such interesting recipes, and this curried tomato-gruyere fondue with Indian-spiced arancini is certainly no exception.

Super excited for the How Sweet Eats cookbook! This spicy roasted squash with feta and herbs looks unreal.

Olive oil zucchini bread. Yes.

Apple of my Eye made amaze looking baked chocolate chip cookie oatmeal. Socially acceptable chocolate at breakfast? I’m in.

I posted something similar a few weeks ago, but this is so good as well: Second graders are given a four-course, $220 meal.

5 second chia seed jam for when you’re too busy to deal/just don’t have jam in the press.

Caprese quinoa bake. Caprese salad for the winter months, amazing!

Maple apple upside cake. I love upside down cakes so much, but using maple syrup is new to me! Something tells me I’ll like it.

I came across this adorable video during the week – how to crochet a bowl of ramen! Mad crochet skillz here now:

Have a lovely weekend all!


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