WIAW – CD’s and a Night Out

It’s Wednesday again!

This is all the stuff I ate on Tuesday. It was a super busy day college-wise so I only had 15 minute breaks until I finished at 4. Rush rush rush.

For breakfast I had my porridge with almond milk and granola and ground flaxseeds. No Greek yoghurt today. I’m actually slightly lactose intolerant (milk & ice cream are no-go’s, but Greek yoghurt & hard cheese are okay – less lactose in them). And the other day I had way too much lactose when I had dinner in a friend’s house (parsley sauce and gratin potatoes and ice cream and chocolate) – super yum but my tummy has been quite shook since then so I’m laying off the dairy for a while. Oof.


Randomly in the morning there was a whole load of cd’s on the road, which actually looked pretty cool:

CAM00655I didn’t get a lunch break today so I had some popcorn at about 2 or so. It was salty & good.


Then when I got home at around 4.30 I had some leftover pork belly with salad and roasted butternut squash and plum tomatoes and unpictured smoked salmon. So delicious!


I roasted up this butternut squash the other day, and for the first time toasted the seeds with some salt, chili pepper and cumin. They are so heavenly. Totally forgot to add them to my salad today but you can bet they’ll be there tomorrow!

Autumn pretty.

I was going out, but I felt so exhausted, so I had a small flapjack to give me some quick energy:


I went out then, and had a couple of ciders over the night. We also got free pizza, so I had three slices – it was so good! The crust was super thin and light so it went down a treat.

This is my only photo of the night. Lol. Just took it to explain why I couldn’t give my boyfriend a call – I stayed out much later than I’d intended :/

Then I came home at about 4am and drank water and ate popcorn before I went to sleep!


Good day and night but I’m dreading class Wednesday morning, eek!

Hope you’re having a lovely week, eat anything nice today?


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