Best BPA-Free Water Bottles

So, recently I was reading a little about BPA and the dangers it potentially poses to our health.

It’s super unclear scientifically and no one knows for sure how much harm it poses to humans, but there are concerns that it could have links to cancer and reduced fertility for women.

Basically it’s probably not the worst idea to limit my contact with BPA. And I think the easiest way to do that is by stopping using plastic water bottles so much – I constantly have one at hand.

So I’ve done some research into alternative water bottles, to give you guys (in no particular order)…


1. The Alex Bottle.


Love how stylish this one looks, and the fact that the different parts are interchangeable! It’s out of stock at the minute though.

2. Takeya Modern Flip Cap.


Again this is so beautiful but sadly they don’t ship to Ireland. I found this one on ebay though, yipee!

3. Kor One.


Again, beautiful, but no shipping to Ireland. Feck sake.

4. Miu Color.


So pretty. So not shippable to Ireland.

5. Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle.


Finally, I found one on! Really considering buying this one when my current water bottle gets fed up. Love that it’s glass and I think that it looks really stylish! I also think that 22 oz (that’s about 650 ml to my fellow Europeans) is a great size. Not sure if it’d be very heavy when it’s made of glass though, hard to know!

6. Aladdin Aveo Water Bottle.


This one is a bit of a bargain! I love the little pattern too.

7. Camelbak Eddy Glass Bottle.


I really love this one! It looks so beautiful, and sporty. I also found it for a pretty good price here. 700 ml is a great size!


This is the water bottle I’m currently using! I picked it up in Penney’s (Primark for UK peoples) on sale for like €3. I couldn’t believe it was BPA free for the price, but it is! I actually find it pretty great and it doesn’t leak at all.

I’ll probably switch for one of the above as I just don’t see this one having great longevity due to its price – I’m thinking either the Lifefactory or the Camelbak.

What do you think – is BPA something you worry about?

What kind of water bottle do you use?


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