Evidence of My Internet Addiction: Link Love – 19 Oct

Link loveThis link love is being done super rushed style, sorry guys! I’m supposed to go meet my boyfriend just about five minutes ago (bad girlfriend).

Hopefully the links will speak for themselves, haha.

Here’s a random Dublin pacman to say sorry…


Loved this Gummy Bears feature! I actually don’t even particularly like gummy bears, I just thought the graphics were real cool.

Why powerful women make the greatest friends. Let’s just all be friends? 🙂

Iconic images from the 21st century so far. Love this!

Smart people prefer curly fries.

Spicy green chili. Haven’t tried my hand at making green chili before, might give it a go with this recipe!

Au pairs: Minding kids for £2 an hour – such a disgrace.

TED’s 25 apps to make your life easier.

Paleo nutella! Looks delish, I’d say it’s pretty tasty despite not being the real deal.

28 science-backed ways to boost energy instantly. I needed this.

Why we shouldn’t be panicking about ebola. Reasonable analysis win.

Love love love Skincare Addiction – they posted the most comprehensive guide to choosing  a moisturiser I’ve ever seen during the week.

Amal Alamuddin is taking George Clooney’s surname and this article thinks it makes her less of a feminist. Newsflash: Being a feminist is about believing in women having the same freedom and opportunities as men. Even though I probably wouldn’t do the same myself, I support Amal’s choice and I don’t think it affects her power-woman feminist credentials one bit!

All About That Bass isn’t as positive as it first sounds: Totally agree with this! Nobody should be shamed for their body-type, even the skinny girlos.

Great tune for the weekend:

How do you feel about women taking their husband’s surname when they get married?

What do you think of All About That Bass? Skinny shaming has never been so damn catchy. :-/

Hope you’re having a lovely lazy Sunday!



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