Friday Food Favourites: Best Links This Week!


Hey you guys.

So bit of a public blog announcement today. I’ve decided to change around the foody Friday posts I’ve been doing – from now on they’re going to contain my favourite food links only, and recipes will be in separate posts.

I decided to change it as I usually have such a crazy amount of amazing links to share that the poor recipe becomes almost like an afterthought!

Let me know what you think.

Here are all of the link(s).

(Damnit, almost had a little rhyming couplet on my hands there. 😦 )

So I’ve possibly posted it before, but everyone ever should make Top with Cinnamon’s Swedish Chocolate Cake. It’s the most delicious thing, and unbelievably easy to pull together (while remaining impressive looking). Definitely possibly my favourite recipe. Anyway, there’s a miniature version now! How perfect?

Srira-chopped cheese sandwich. Definitely looks more delicious than the description, ridiculous looking amazing thing!

Taylor Swift’s favourite baker is Joy the Baker! Is it sad that I feel special because she reads the same baking blog as me?

Iowa Girl Eats posted a recipe for Creamy Cheesy Chicken and Garlic Quinoa Bake. Just as delicious looking as it sounds, and one of the most decadent things I’ve ever seen involving quinoa! 

This Buzzfeed video about icecreaming things made me lol:

Simple but tasty: Arroz con Pollo.

Reddit’s subreddit r/cooking came up with lots of great snack ideas.

I love aubergine, and this recipe for aubergine marbella looks amazing!

How to Build a Cheese Plate: Oh my gosh this is so beautiful and excessive and doubtlessly delicious.

Banana bread cinnamon rolls (one bowl!) – the noms are killing me here!

Butternut squash mac & cheese. Oh yes.

Loved this helpfulness re storing groceries (source) (sorry it’s a bit long but I found it really useful!):


Any food links to recommend to me this week?

Have a nice weekend all!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Food Favourites: Best Links This Week!

  1. Aha that video is hilarious, made me feel a little sick but it was still funny! I saw that butternut squash mac & cheese and have been meaning to make it since and put it on the blog, sounds so good! Have a great weekend. Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad for you, it’s suppose to be really rainy and thunderstorms here 😦


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