What I Ate Wednesday: It’s a Squashy One

Hello, hope everyone is having a lovely week! Mine is pretty stressful to be honest… So much college work, so little time. 😦

And to make things worse, I’m solid broke at the minute so my grocery budget is pretty minuscule. So this week is a vegetarian and squashy WIAW – I don’t mind too much but I know I should be getting more protein so I bought a huge box of eggs to eat over the next few days!

Anyway, onto Tuesday’s meals & snacks & treats…


For breakfast I had a bowl of porridge made with jumbo oatflakes, topped with cinnamon, a little granola and a lovely dollop of Greek-style yoghurt. Great filling way to start the day!

Mid-morning in the cafeteria I treated myself to a one of these mini bites, more specifically the caramel square one, with my cup of earl grey tea. So good, no regrets. Here’s the company’s site – it’s a big flashy one so it won’t let me link to individual products. It’s a fun site though!


Because of my aforementioned budgetary constraints, lunch was homemade: wholewheat pitta (defrosted this morning – so handy to have in the freezer!) topped with tomato relish, some spinach that I cooked yesterday in butter with pepper, some roasted butternut squash and some smoked Applewood cheddar. It was really good!


But unfortunately totally not filling enough as I had to buy a bag of this to snack on about two hours later!


Dinner was some of the spinach from above, mixed in with some kale, some leftover tear’n’share garlic bread (plus more unpictured after) and some more of the butternut squash with some (super hot) hot pepper sauce.


I was craving something sweet after dinner again so I had a chocolate covered fake Oreo and a little Kinder bar with a cup of tea.

Possibly the sweet cravings were because of the lack of protein today?

Who knows, I’m no expert.

More eggs tomorrow!

Then I’ll be an eggspert?

Oh dear…


(So much love for Aziz and even more for Parks and Rec, possibly saddest I’ve ever been about a tv program ending ever. ❤ )

What did you eat today – anything exciting?

Do you love Parks and Rec as much as I do?


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