Evidence of my Internet Addiction: Weekend Links 9 Oct

Link loveHere are some links to check out this weekend while you’re hopefully lounging and lazing and late lunching 🙂

How to stop every kind of headache ASAP.

Whole wheat coconut oatmeal chocolate chunk bars. Yes. The whole wheat and coconut make it healthy, right?

What it’s like to fly when your ticket cost $23,000. (Clue: It’s pretty unbelievably amazing.)

This video is hilarious! I didn’t even know half of these were Irish things to say:

An interview with a Hong Kong student-protester in the Umbrella Revolution. I wish them only good things.

I normally hate these transparent corporate type things, and I’m not a fan of Starbucks at all, but I thought this little video campaign was pretty cute!

So messed up: Inside South Africa’s whites-only town of Orania.

 I survived a weekend with the cult of Oprah.

Saw this on Reddit, there’s a type of flower that looks like a monkey! How cool is that? I just wish the monkeys didn’t look so sad 😦

Source. Top comment: ‘Plant of the Apes’. Heh.

This list of questions to ask in job interviews is pretty helpful.

‘It’s not ‘lad culture’. It’s misogyny.’

This graphic on depression is super accurate and lovely:


Paleo keema recipe. Keema is a spicy minced-meat dish and this recipe looks like a keeper!

I loved this NY Times Magazine photo article: What children around the world eat for breakfast. Open in an incognito window if you’ve used up your views for the month. 😉

Finally, I love love love this mash up and you absolutely have to give it a listen!

Happy weekend everyone!


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