What I Ate Wednesday: Snacking All Day – 7 Oct


Monday was a very snacky day. I had lots of little breaks between lectures, and who doesn’t love a few snacks now and again? Besides, I will still recovering from a hike I’d gone on the day before. 😉

Look at that, just a half hour train ride outside Dublin city:

HowthHikdIreland is a beaut.

Anyway, getting on to the day’s eats!

For breakfast I had a bowl of porridge with half a banana and some cinnamon.


Then after I remembered that I had some of a berry scone so I snacked on what was left of that:

Gots to coordinate my nails with my food.

For lunch I brought a sandwich into college:


It was on a kind of a dark spelt bread with pesto, spinach, cucumber, hot sauce, serrano ham and butter. It was so good.

In the afternoon I had some popcorn as a snack:

Not as good as my usual Manhattan popcorn, and totally overpriced, but a worthy snack.

Then later I had one of these:

Tasted like Christmas! (Can I say that yet?)

For dinner I had some leftovers – some of a burrito bowl I couldn’t finish over the weekend and brought home with me. On the side is a leftover sausage and some leftover pesto courgette with hot sauce:


Later at night I needed another lil snack, so I had a small bowl of ready brek with some ground flaxseeds and a spoon of Ikea’s butterscotch chocolate spread (omg it’s the best thing ever) on top. Somehow I’ve lost the picture but it looked like this only smaller and with no muesli or yoghurt (ehh actually it looked quite different, soz):


So that was my Monday in food! To drink as usual there were copious amounts of tea. 😀

How was your Monday? Any exciting snacking lately?


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