Weekend Links (Bumper Edition) on a Monday (My Bad) – 3 Oct

Because I didn’t blog much the last few weeks due to computer issues, this week I have loads of links saved up for you! Lucky readers 😉

Unfortunately I had such a busy weekend that I couldn’t get this post out on time, but hopefully they’ll brighten up your Monday!

Link love

So much love for Michael Pollan. Everyone should read this article (and his books if you haven’t already!).

The loom band craze is ridiculous! The Guardian found their creator and had a chat.

Sweet Potato? Cheese? Burrito? One-pot? Eaten from a bowl? Sign me up please! (Eh, my priorities are weird, I know…)

Andie Mitchell from Can I Stay For Dinner is amazing and inspirational and all good things. Check out this post from last week and her whole site generally (warning: you may spend quite some time there)!

I don’t do paleo, but I like a lot of their recipes for their focus on good ‘real’ foods. Paleo Polly posted a great beginner’s guide this week if you’re looking into giving it a try.

Buzzfeed’s Facts that Will Make ’00s Teenagers Feel Old made me feel super old! The most shocking for me was how Little Ant and Dec look now. Ridiculous!

This video made me lol so much (warning: rude language):

Someone made an Askreddit about secrets into a website. Equal parts disturbing and amazing.

Loved this very different look at the Alamuddin-Clooney wedding. Are they just Rich Kids of Instagram at heart? (Love that Tumblr though it makes me sad that those kids seem so out of touch with reality!)

I’m loving the beetroot these days, and this recipe for beet bourguignon looks spot on!

Garlic. Bread. Pizza. Crust. Omg. Every word in that phrase just gets better and better.

Never heard of Coconut Bostock before but I think it might be my new favourite thing!

Irish people trying American junk food for the first time. This is gas, I would definitely have a similar reaction – never tried any of these before!


Source: lizclimo.tumblr.com/

Really want to give these cookies a try! Wish it wasn’t so hard to find a perfectly ripe avocado. Sigh.

This soup looks all kinds of autumn-beautiful.

Legally Blondies with Caramelised White Chocolate. Omg.

Fitsugar posted a great list of Bootcamp Workouts to do if you need a kick up the bum when it comes to your exercise routine!

Love that there’s a wikipedia page about moustache cups! (Victorian invention so you can drink your tea while keeping your moustache dry, FYI.)

And to end, my favourite music video of the week (bizarre in the best way):

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and all the best for the week ahead!

And off I go to my week in college!


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