Food on Friday: Sugar-Free Snacks – 3 Oct

Here are my favourite food links from this week, before we get down to the serious business of discussing Sugar Free September 😀

Intrigued by this oat-free Strawberries & Cream Paleo ‘Oatmeal’.

The Almond-Eater’s Pear & Cinnamon Muffins look delicious!

Totally making this Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potato asap.

Look at the pictures: This Spiced Zucchini Carrot Cake Bread looks surprisingly tasty and I must have some soon!

Oh my gosh this Roasted beetroot soup with veggie croutons looks incredible! Perfect for me and my new found passion for purple foods 😉


So Sugar-Free September is over!

I’m glad I made the decision to give up sugar for a little while, as I find it so much easier to make good food choices in general without the ugly sugar monster at my back.

I have to admit though – on Sunday (so little to go!) I had a little sugar binge. I ate two chocolate bars and some caramels. I’m not mad though; I was incredibly stressed and I know that in comparison to some binges I’ve had in the past it was relatively pedestrian. And since then (even though September ended three days ago!) I haven’t really craved sweets at all.

So in future I’m not going to go off sugar (the deprivation-binge cycle is not somewhere I want to be) but still seek to avoid it where I can. Especially when it comes to hidden sugars as I’d rather keep my sugar allowance for chocolate 😉

Instead of sharing a recipe this week I’m going to share some sugar free snacks that I’ve enjoyed this month!

Cherry tomatoes with unpictured hummous
Fresh berries and grapes
Corn cake topped with greek yoghurt and blueberries
Jasmine green tea. Not a snack I realise, but teas like this really curb cravings for me!
Homemade popcorn (made on the hob, not in the microwave 😉 )
If I’m really quite hungry between meals sometimes a little bowl of porridge hits the spot!
Corn cake with baby plum tomatoes.
My favourite popcorn on the go ever!
Corncakes with whole nut peanut butter and blueberries.

It was also all about the hummous this month but I didn’t take any pictures for some reason!


What are your favourite sugar-free snacks?


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