WIAW: An Accidental Day of Purple Foods – 1 Oct

Hey there!


I hadn’t done grocery shopping Monday so I ended up eating a bit of a mishmash of things left in the fridge and also buying dinner. So bold. 😀

It was accidentally a very purple food day, weirdly. It reminds me of Mariah Carey’s purple food diet! Pretty sure you’re not just supposed to add the purple foods to your normal carb-laden diet though haha…


For breakfast I had some porridge with blueberries, greek yoghurt, granola and ground flaxseed. I cooked it with the blueberries in the microwave so it all went a bit purple. It was so good!


Oh my gosh. You guys. I’d never made or eaten a quesadilla before. (Embarrassing, I know. You wouldn’t really see them over here though much, in my defence.)

So on Monday I had leftover tortilla wraps and leftover cheese so I gave it ago… And it was amazing!

Definitely going to be repeated! I filled it with hot sauce, cheddar cheese, feta, sliced tomato and some blueberries (there’s the purple again 😉 ). Random combination of things left in the fridge but it was amazing! I had some red pepper hummous on the side as a dip; that stuff is so addictive.



I went for a drink after class (tough college life) so I wasn’t really in the mood for cooking dinner. Instead I stopped off in Fresh (it’s this nice supermarket that’s a little overpriced but good if you’re stuck) and got this rosemary ciabatta with roast beetroot (there’s that purple!) & goat’s cheese, and a mixture of salads from the salad bar. There’s some quinoa salad, mangetout & sesame seed salad, wild rice salad and Indian chicken salad. It was so good! So good in fact that I could only manage half of the ciabatta as I was so full!

Did anyone else eat anything exciting this week?

Who else loves colourful foods? 😉


3 thoughts on “WIAW: An Accidental Day of Purple Foods – 1 Oct

    1. I know, quite embarrassing! We do have some Mexican places here, mostly in Dublin, but they’re nearly all burrito bars that have opened up in the last 3ish years!
      Me too on the oatmeal, it’s a little ridiculous. Switching it up at the minute with Ready Brek instead though 😉


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