WIAW – Ugly Food and Computer Woes

So my blogging has gone out the window at the minute. Partly because I’m busy, but mostly because my laptop seriously over-reacted to my spilling Lemsip all over it. It’s working again now, but I no longer have the use of such keys as ‘c’, ‘shift’, and the space bar. Disaster.

Anyway, Monday was a pretty good food day in terms of avoiding eating out (a little broke right now sadly). However those kinda days usually involve ugly food. Sorry 😉

Breakfast was rushed so I just had some Paddy O Granola with unsweetened almond milk:


Lunch was a seeded wrap containing some scrambled egg, spinach, tomato and bacon that I brought into college from home. It was a bit smelly but it tasted really good!



During a break I got a mug of this tea,  it was so delicious!

CAM00518Dinner was a bit messy; I bought some cheddar stuffed chicken breasts which were wrapped in bacon as a treat (plus they were on sale)! So good! I had one over some spinach and red pepper hummus on the side:

Ugliest dinner ever

Later in the evening I got a little hungry so I made some popcorn on the stove. One of my favourite treats!



That’s all for now – hopefully I’ll be back really soon!

Have you ever broken your laptop? Any horror stories to make me feel better?!


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