What I Ate Wednesday & Happenings – 10 Sept (Belated – sorry!)

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been a bit absent these last few days – I’ve moved into a new house and I’ve been relying on Costa wifi to get me through. It’s a pretty sad situation; I’m missing out on so much Netflix time 😦

Here’s what fuelled me yesterday!

BreakfastporridgeteaFor breakfast I had a bowl of porridge with almond milk and raspberries, and a spoonful of peanut butter. You can’t see the peanut butter as I add it for the last 30 seconds in the microwave so it goes all melty and sinks to the bottom! So yum.

I also drank a big mug of loose leaf Moroccan mint tea (my current fave, though that changes all the time!).

Okay, so at lunch I was meeting some friends and I’m afraid I was a bold blogger as I didn’t photograph what I had. It was quite boring though – a toasted chicken, tomato and cheddar sandwich on wholewheat bread with a can of Coke Zero. I try and avoid the fizzy drinks but someone else had one and I got it into my head that I wanted one too! No regrets – it was great.


I came home for a little while after lunch and cooked up these beauties for a recipe that I’ll share on Friday! It is very delicious, I promise. I only had a little taste – I’m just including the picture to make up for the absent lunch picture and also just to tease 😉

I went into town after that and got super hungry in the late afternoon so I grabbed my favourite Irish on-the-go snack ever (they’re the perfect amount of salty and a huge bag is only 135 calories! Crazy shtuff!):


Dinner was quite rushed as I was getting ready to go out. I’d grabbed this in Tesco earlier (it admittedly looks a bit crap, but there was tons of potato salad and smoked salmon underneath the spinach leaves!):


So I paired it with some leftover M&S Vietnamese Style Marinated Pork Salad Bites (really want to try my hand at making these myself, they were so good!) for satisfying dinnertime fun (eaten in bed for maximum getting ready efficiency… I’m a mess.):

DinnersalmonsaladrollsAt the house party there were really good Irish-made crisps by Keogh’s that I couldn’t help but try! A number of alcoholic beverages were also consumed, and a nightclub may or may not been attended, but sure I wouldn’t be taking pictures of those 😉 (No judgment – I’m starting a new course so social getting-to-know-each-other events are key!)

How was your day yesterday?

ALSO I just couldn’t believe it this weekend when I was greeted by the following in my local Tesco over the weekend:


We haven’t even had Halloween yet, crazy! I say it every year, but for real – Christmas has definitely been started way earlier than usual this year. I love it, but it kind of makes actual Christmas less exciting when it comes round. 😦

What do you think; is it the same situation in your country?




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