What I Ate Wednesday – 3 Sept

Okay, I’m not gonna lie – these are actually Monday’s eats as I was with my boyfriend all day Tuesday and I didn’t want to be taking pictures of all of the food I ate for the day!

On Monday I didn’t get up too early. This week I’m just at home, and it’s so nice to relax after a hectic couple of months. 🙂 I decided to go for a run at about 11, so I had a snack about half an hour before of two corncakes topped with sugar-free peanut butter and fresh blueberries:


I never eat a lot before a run as if I do I tend to feel sick midway. As a result, when I came back I was absolutely famished!

For lunch I had a leftover enchilada with some cucumber… I would have liked a second enchilada but this was all that was left!


I had an afternoon snack of another corncake with some baby plum tomatoes (they are so delicious!):


In the afternoon I spent ages organising/uploading/downloading all my photos from this year – I hadn’t had time until now, and I’d been putting it off as it’s such a pain!


For dinner I had an unreal Moroccan-style burger with some salad on the side (recipe coming on Friday!):


After dinner I spent the evening chilling out with my family – can you believe we’ve had to start lighting a fire in the evenings already?? Irish weather, you’re crazy.

And later that evening I got hungry again, so I had a boiled egg and some toast which I didn’t take a picture of – sorry! Have a pusheen gif instead; he’s kind of eating toast so it’s relevant:

I love that cat too much.

All in all it was a nice, comfy sock ‘n’ leggings kinda day!


How was your day yesterday? Or your Monday? 😉







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