News & Reviews – Life Lately and Bourjois Mascara Review

In my life this week there’s been a lot of:

Catching up with the Great British Bake Off (yes I know it’s Sugar-Free September, but I can still watch sugary treats on the telly!).


Bingeing on Breaking Bad. I know, I’m very behind the times. It involves quite a lot of buffering as I’m back home at the minute. Sigh…


Dawdling in Dublin.


Catching up with an old friend whom I love. Here’s a recent picture of us. 😉Oldfriends

Applying and reapplying lip balm as my lips got sunburned on my travels and they still haven’t recovered. Boo. On the bright side I love this one, it makes my lips real soft and it smells lovely!


I can’t get enough of scrambled eggs lately either, leading to lots of delish breakfasts like this one! Scrambled eggs topped with fresh pepper and mature cheddar, fresh plum tomatoes, and some toasted buttered red onion and chive bagel. Oh yes.


In other news, here’s what I’ve been putting on my eyelashes the last few weeks:

Mascara Flowers

Volume 1 Seconde is Boujois’s latest mascara offering, and it is amazing. Like, I think I have found my new budget mascara. For real.

Prior to this I’d been using Benefit’s They’re Real. And I think that this is a pretty decent dupe for it!

Without any further ado, here are the before and afters (sorry they were taken at quite a weird angle! I’m not usually that bug-eyed!):

EyeComparison2.jpg EyeComparison1.jpg

You can see a huge difference – and no nasty clumps or stuck-together lashes!

I’m not sure if I’d wear it on a night out as it’s not very dramatic looking. But I really think that it’s the perfect everyday mascara and I can’t see myself parting with it for quite some time!

I bought the waterproof one as I bought it just before going on my travels. I’ll probably try the normal one next, though I wouldn’t mind sticking with the waterproof one. It stays put whatever the weather, and it’s not any harder to remove than ordinary mascara, I find.

I totally forgot to take a picture of the wand by the way, so here’s one from the amazing beauty blog, Lovely Girlie Bits. Their review is here! You can see that it has tiny little balls between the bristles. I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be doing, but they seem to work, so happy days!

Mascara BottleMascara with Nails

Tiny blurry sneak peek at my current nails – No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in So Simple and the accent nail is a Ted Baker glittery nail polish which I got as part of a set last year.

What’s your favourite budget mascara? Any good recommendations for me?


5 thoughts on “News & Reviews – Life Lately and Bourjois Mascara Review

    1. Thanks, it’s a great buy!
      It is so rare for someone to say my eyes are green, thank you! They’re quite an odd colour, I think hazel maybe? I usually just say they’re brown, though maybe I’ll switch to hazel as it sounds more appealing haha 😉
      I would trade you for some of your cinnamon swirl bread, but I don’t think that it would travel well 😦


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