Back to College Wishlist – Style, Stationery and Accessories

So it’s that time of year again. Here are the back to college staples I’m lusting after these days:

BacktoCollegeStyle.jpgLavish Alice JumperRiver Island ParkaTopshop RingUrban Outfitters WatchRiver Island DressRiver Island LoafersRiver Island PurseRiver Island Bag

I really need that watch in my life – look at the lil elephant?!

I need it for my exploring, I swear.

And I am a total loafer lover.

Not because they’re comfy…

Just because they’re so stylish and edgy. Yes.

Kate Mara agrees with me so you know I’m right.

So probably you need more than just clothes going back to college.

Here are my stationery/accessory/life necessity picks:


Takeya Glass Water BottleTed Baker iPhone CasePaperchase Pencil CaseKate Spade Laptop SleeveFrends’ EarphonesPaperchase FlaskPaperblanks 2014-2015 Dayplanner

Paperblanks diaries are the best; I’m always carting mine around.

Making this list was pretty painful, as this is my current reaction when I check my bank balance:



A girl can always dream! 😉


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