What I Ate Wednesday – 28 Aug


I’m not sure if I’m doing this What I Ate Wednesday thing right.

See, I feel like it would be weird to post it on a Thursday. Because it’s confusing and people reading my blog might think it was Wednesday when they see ‘What I Ate Wednesday’.

But if I post on a Wednesday I have to share Tuesday’s food, surely. As otherwise I’d be staying up into the wee hours Wednesday night to share what I ate that day?

I feel like that would be an odd way to spend my Wednesday nights.

I think it comes down to this: Is it ‘what I ate (on) Wednesday’, or ‘what I ate, Wednesday’.

Please wise blogger peeps, let me know your ways. 😀

So yesterday (Tuesday) was a slightly strange day of food. Well, not really weird or anything, but I just didn’t eat very much as I STILL have a cold (it’s been two weeks, seriously) and I’ve been finding that I don’t have a huge appetite.



Breakfast was porridge (the nice jumbo oats) made with almond milk and water, and topped with crunchy peanut butter (this one) and strawberry jam.


Lunch Brown Bread

Lunch was a bit of an odd combination, but it was very tasty! It was a boiled egg, some leftover African chicken stew (see here), and half a slice of super fresh buttered brown bread. Then for ‘dessert’, I had the other half slice of brown bread with some butter and strawberry jam.

My egg is such a mess. It’s beyond a joke at this point – I am constantly destroying eggs when I boil them as I tend to take them out too early (I like them soft-boiled) and I realise that the white isn’t fully cooked as I crack them open, so I put them back in the water again only for the yolk to be overcooked. Feck sake. I hate the way the cliche goes, ‘he can’t boil an egg!’. Because it really is very difficult. 😦

AND would you believe but that wasn’t even my only egg problem? This was supposed to be fluffy scrambled eggs but we only had one egg left in the fridge which isn’t really enough to scramble so I had to boil it and supplement with chicken stew. Boo.



For dinner I had some chicken curry. It was a new recipe I kind of invented by adding lots of curry-type ingredients to chicken, and it was quite delicious if I say so myself! I’ll share the recipe at some stage, I promise.

So that’s been my Tuesday! Do let me know if I’m doing it wrong. 🙂 And I would be happy to hear any egg-boiling tips you may have!


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